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    What is Mala Collective

    What is Mala Collective

    Mala Collective is here to share mindfulness with the world through tools, practices and physical reminders of the life you choose to live. Our mission is to inspire mindful evolution. We do so by making meditation inspired products accessible to the western world through beautiful design that is rooted in authenticity and the original intention of each product

    Mala Beads
    Meditation Cushions

    Customer reviews

    "Mala Collective has for many years been my go-to mala provider for any store/studio I buy for. I've also had the pleasure of co-creating unique and beautiful co-branded pieces with them. The quality is unparalleled, all hand-knotted with gorgeous tassels that don't fall apart and carefully selected stones. Each piece has the durability to be used in mantra practice and worn as adornment. I couldn't recommend them higher, they are the best at what they do.”

    — Nicola G.

    "I really love the design and quality of the manufacturing - each bead is knotted between and that is essential for long life. The stones are really beautiful and there is so much support and information to choose what is best to suit my needs for intention setting and self love support. As well, I do know that much attention is given to working with carefully chosen factories with integrity. I really respect the thoughtfulness that goes into the supply chain - it's not an easy thing. I know, I am an entrepreneur too!”

    — Wendy

    "I wear mala beads from Mala Collective pretty much every day, and I get compliments on the all the time! I find these malas are so special, so beautiful and also seem to bring me good fortune and happy karma, too. I love this company and recommend them ALL the time to people and also try to wear them on air as much as possible to promote them. Yes, you can get cheaper malas but the design of these feels really, truly special to me.“

    — Dina K

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