What are mala beads?

Mala beads have been used for meditation for thousands of years. WIth roots in Buddhism and Hinduism, mala beads are a tool to focus the mind in a meditation practice. Often referred to as Japa Meditation, the mala is used to help bring your attention back to the present moment. Our mala beads are hand-knotted using real and authentic gemstones. Each gemstone carries a different intention. You can use these beads throughout the day to inspire your mindfulness practice.

Creating a home meditation space

Building a home space will inspire you to sit in meditation, and connect with yourself more often.

Why use a cushion in your practice?

Our meditation cushions are designed to support your mindfulness practice. Beautiful enough to leave out in your space, they are a reminder to come back to yourself by connecting with your breath. Made in India with natural materials, the cushion is a tool and prop to support you in a seated practice. The floor cushion is meant to support your ankles (preventing your legs from falling asleep in meditation!) and the round cushion is there to support your hips. The cushions are a great reminder to take a pause — sit, breathe and find grounding.

We're here to support your mindfulness journey. Our pieces are made to support and inspire self connection. To slow down, breathe, and come back to yourself. Use the malas to focus your energy and attention, the cushions to support your seated practice, and the crystals to inspire your intention.

Ashley Wray, founder

Crystals and meditation

Crystals are a beautiful addition to any meditation space. They're a physical reminder of an intention. For example, if you are looking to meditate on love, rose quartz is the perfect stone for you. If you're looking for fearlessness, Obsidian and Onyx are supportive. Clarity, you would use Quartz Crystal. While Smokey Quartz would be perfect for the intention of grounding. You can use these crystals throughout your home or in your mindfulness space to remind you of your practice and inspire you to tap into the qualities you are seeking.

Your favorites

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