March: Authenticity

The month kicked off our first ever #LiveYourValue competition. To enter, we asked our OMmunity to outline how they try to live an authentic life. The response we received was incredible! (you can check out some of the responses we received below and feel free to leave a comment if you would like to contribute too!). 

We closed the month of March with a Q&A with the lovely Heather Hennenburg (of Authentic Life Counselling & Coaching) to find out what it means to live an authentic life and why it's important that we try and do so too. If you missed the article, you can find it here.

#LiveYourValue Competition Responses:

@melanierickert I try to live an authentic life by being true to myself and making conscious decisions that will surround me with individuals who support me, and nourish my soul. I also love to volunteer and attempt to do philanthropic work whenever possible.

@nannoumusic I try not to let others be the judge of my life. Others won't know my boundaries unless you I know them, and stay true to them. Let myself set the boundaries and respect them! Whatever feels true to me, is the truth. I can't live by others reality. I don't explain myself unless I feel for it. I'm not sorry for anything that is true to me. Free myself from myself. Breathe and let go.

@sonia_opala I try to live authentically by staying true to my values. Whenever I have a chance to make a decision, I follow my heart and do what is right. I'm still on a journey to fully let go of trying to impress others, I'm working towards being myself and not worrying about what others may think of me. I try to just be myself, not someone else. Thanks for this giveaway! ☺️

@dropdead__karen I try to live an authentic life by feeling good and happy. I dont eat meat, I only want positive vibes inside me. Ignoring my past and starting a new life and its going 1 year depression free ?✨???

@kericalabrese I live an authentic life by making choices that make myself happy. A former people pleaser and rule follower, I put other people's desires before mine. Now I listen to my heart and put my needs first. Making myself happy makes others around me happy. I've also reconnected to what made me happy as a child- this has helped me find what makes my soul happy today.

@monicaamman I live authentically by striving to make choices through kindness, both to myself and others. Confidence has also played a huge role in living authentically. I've focused on being confident in my choices and actions rather than constantly being concerned with what someone else might think of me.

@valeriegrace I strive to live authentically by staying honest with myself. I acknowledge that I will be entering a space as I am and that others will be doing the same. I strive to honor my experiences, accept what I cannot change, and change what I can. I love whole heartedly, give kindness away freely, and am always looking for the learning in each moment.

@tre_fox I've chosen a career path (acting) that requires me to put myself in other peoples' shoes, and thereby call upon the parts of me that I may be most afraid to face. With every day that I am given, I try to learn something new about myself and others, to find the sameness in people and the things that bind us all so intimately together. It's challenging, but so very worth it ? #learning

@melichristo I strive to live authentically by enjoying every moment with my children. Letting go of the negative thoughts about my body. Embracing the stretch marks. Working out to move my body and to feel the blood pumping through my veins. Spending time with friends who nourish my soul. Thriving in whatever silence I can achieve in a day. And trying to look at myself as my daughter looks at me so that I can teach her to love herself too.

@_fivesenses Living authentically was a challenge growing up. How can you live an authentic life when you're not sure of who you are and what your purpose is? Over the last year I've started making a promise to myself to pursue things that make me happy and nourish my soul so I can be a better person and foster more authentic connections with people. Creating a vision board and keeping a gratitude journal has allowed me to stay on my path, accept obstacles as they come and let go of the things that has caused me sadness. Daily meditation and yoga has allowed me to remain grounded and centered as I accomplish milestones, and even when I get knocked down. It's funny how life changes when you decide to live for you instead of other people.

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May 06, 2016 by Ciara McCarthy
Tags: Authenticity

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