Finding Your Full Yes

Five years ago I made a decision to settle for nothing less than a full yes in all aspects of my life. I wear a promise ring engraved with "FULL YES" on the inside. I even had a ceremony witnessed by my closest friends to solidify my commitment.

Immediately there was shift in my life. I no longer said half hearted yes's to things that did not feel right or align with me fully. This created a snowball effect. I began to truly honour my inner voice which meant tuning into myself more often, listening deeply and trusting myself more than ever before. Ironically, committing to full yes also allowed me to find my full no, creating strong and healthy boundaries that I had never known before. 

One of the most powerful aspects of my full yes journey has been coming to peace with what is in each moment. As the big decisions in my life became clearer, I realized it was equally important to implement my commitment in situations that felt out of my control. I realized the majority of the pain, struggle and sadness I experienced was a result of resisting what was happening around me or "to" me.

This opened up an entire new relationship to being with what is. I learned (and am still learning) acceptance on a whole new level. When I stopped resisting what was happening, whether I liked it or not, I found I could come from my centre and act in integrity.

Since then I feel more empowered, integrated and embodied. I can let go of shame or judgement of myself much easier and for the first time, wholeheartedly walk my talk. 

Living from a place of full yes is a moment to moment practice, one I believe is worth the commitment. How do you find your “FULL YES”? Perhaps, you would like to join me?

Serah Ruth Goldberg is a Registered Yoga Teacher and one half of the passionate yogic duo The Seduction of Yoga, a website that offers key action video tutorials and inspiration to empower the process as the practice.
Serah is also an accomplished breathwork facilitator bringing conscious breathing to another level. In the studio she's been called a "spiritual football coach" who pushes you to your edge but once there you feel as if you've been carried the the entire way by her motivation and jovial wisdom. She is dedicated to connection, integration and finding a full YES in every moment. Serah is a contagious enthusiast.
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