Why Living Well is so Important

Often people consider health as the mere absence of illness - but there is so much more to being healthy than simply not being sick. When we talk about wellness, we’re referring to all of the various things that enhance our overall health and well-being. Commonly people assume that there are only two aspects to our personal wellness: being physically and emotionally well. Though these are both important, they are not the only aspects of our personal wellness. Our wellness can include our involvement in our job, improving our intellectual development or simply spending time with others. Similarly our spiritual connection - however we define it - can also be an integral part of our overall wellness as well as the extent to which we embrace our impact on the environment. Our own personal wellness is just that – personal – but the list we’ve compiled should help you on your way.

  1. Exercise Well

First off, let it be known that we’re not talking about going to the gym or signing up to marathons when we think of the word ‘exercise’. Instead, we’re referring to any form of physical activity that makes you enjoy the extent that your body feels healthy and strong. If you enjoy going to the gym, that’s great! But an active lifestyle can means an abundance of other things too. We love going for long walks, doing yoga and surfing. What activity makes you feel healthy and strong?

For help exercising, we turn to Agate to increase stamina.

  1. Eat Well

Again, let’s not be strict on ourselves here. Eating well does not mean eating perfectly. When we eat well, it means that we are eating the right variety of foods that give our body the nutrients it needs to feel good and have energy. Part of eating well is also enjoying eating – so be mindful of what how you eat too! Some tips for mindful eating include;

  • Eating slowly,
  • taking a break from work while we eat,
  • Turning off the TV while eating
  • Eating with others when possible.

For help eating well, we turn to Carnelian – known for promoting good digestion, tissue regeneration & revitalizing the blood.

  1. Sleep Well

Though it is not always possible for those who lead extremely busy lives, it’s recommended that adults aged 17+ get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Below are some tips for helping you get the best sleep you can:

  • Avoid / decrease the amount of stimulants you have in a day (e.g. caffeine, nicotine, etc.)
  • Exercise
  • Avoid eating large meals immediately before going to sleep
  • Establish and maintain a relaxing, consistent bedtime routine
  • Use the bed and bedroom only sleeping only - not for work or watching T.V. – try and create a place of zen!
  • Ensure your sleep environment is comfortable – not too hot or too cold, comfortable sheets, not too bright, etc.

For help improving sleeping patterns, we turn to Amethyst to reduce headache and other pain, Quartz Crystal to ensure that we have pleasant dreams and fresh lavender to help us breathe deeply.

  1. Make Connections

Living well also means that we are looking after ourselves and tending to our own personal needs. A large part of tending to our needs is making the right connections with people. Humans are natural social beings, so spend time with the people that bring you joy. If you want to start making new or different connections, try thinking about what you like to do and seek out opportunities to get involved. There are loads of different platforms – both online and offline – that connect like-minded people with one another. If you have any recommendations for others, be sure to leave a comment below!

For help making connections, we turn to Rose Quartz for self-love, Moonstone for empathy, Agate for smooth discussions and Amazonite for trust.

  1. Find Balance

An important part of living well is finding balance. Life often unfolds at unprecedented speed and it’s easy to feel disconnected. Rather than consistently seeking perfection, seek balance instead. If you know that you’re going to have a busy week, be sure to make time for yourself too – take a long bath, meditate or pencil in a yoga class or two. It is important that your own balance of wellness works for you and keeps you feeling happy and healthy.

For help achieving balance, we turn to Smokey Quartz – known as an excellent grounding stone. It’s also known to  disperse fear and lift depression; while encouraging positive thought and action.

May 31, 2016 by Ciara McCarthy


TINA Murphy

TINA Murphy said:

I cannot Thank you enough, for the Beautiful order that I received, I have just started my own Personal Journey, I have been through Horrible Trauma, and I am learning, I am worth Something….and even though it is all New…. I am Thankful that your Site offers,so much for me to learn… Thank You, from the bottom of my Heart Tina

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