June Meditation Challenge
Stay tuned for daily updates June 13th - 17th; the week of our Meditation Challenge. Sign up here if you'd like to take part and we look forward to meditating with you. 

This 5-day Intro to Meditation series has been designed to support you in creating and maintaining your own personal practice of meditation. In it, we will explore the foundations of practice and work with some simple - yet powerful - techniques.



Our first session focuses on the importance of “Taking Our Seats”; which refers not only to physical posture, but also to the quality of intention with which we approach our practice. 


As a special thank you to all who took part in Day 1, we’re gifting our new Lilac Meditate Mala - made of Sandalwood & Lavender - to a lucky participant. To enter,  click here and let us know what you thought of this morning's meditation!

Check back here tomorrow to continue to follow along our June Meditation Challenge. Namaste.

 Day One Winnner: @jesjayperez



Your breath is one of the most primary tools you can use in your practice of meditation. By learning how to work with it as a point of focus you can truly meditate anywhere, for your breath is always with you, and it is forever in the moment. It is also a great bridge between our bodies and our minds and can support us in calming both.


A lucky participant of today's meditation will win our new  Sea Foam Meditate Mala - made of Sandalwood & Amazonite. To enter, click here and let us know based on what you felt today, how might you make this practice yours?


Check back here tomorrow to continue to follow along our June Meditation Challenge. Namaste.

Day Two Winnner: @jebaxter




Sensation, like thought and emotion, is part and parcel of our meditate on experience. We can no more control our sensations than we can stop our breath from owing or our thoughts from arising. Rather, we can work with sensation in a way that supports the meditative practice and allows us to strengthen our capacity to observe before reaching.


As special thank you to all who took part in Day 3, we're gifting our new White Meditate Mala - made of Sandalwood & White Moonstone - to a lucky participant! To enter, click here and let us know how you try to control your sensations while practicing meditation.


Check back here tomorrow to continue to follow along our June Meditation Challenge. Namaste.

Day Three Winner: @todreamorrun 



Mantra is a powerful tool that can be used to help focus the mind and empower the quality of our intention. In today’s meditation, we worked with the practice of Japa Mantra; which is an internal repetition of a chosen mantra as a point of focus. This practice is very effective for those whose minds like to stay busy as it gives the mind something to do and moves the attention to a specific direction.


As a special thank you to all who took part in Day 4, we're gifting our new Blush Meditate Mala - made of Sandalwood & Rose Quartz - to a lucky participant! To enter, click here and tell us what your mantra for the day is. 


Check back here tomorrow to continue to follow along our June Meditation Challenge. Namaste.

Day Four Winner: @planetsandtheirkin



As we come to the close of our Meditation Challenge, this is a good time to reflect on what you have learned and to set your intentions for your practice going forward. The two greatest obstacles to maintaining your practice are the belief that there is not enough time, or our doubt in ourselves and our ability to “do it right”. Try to set these thoughts aside for the moment and ask yourself: 'what have I learned from this challenge?' and 'how will I use this going forward?'.


As a special thank you to all who took part in Day 5, we're gifting our new Grey Meditate Mala - made of Sandalwood & Smokey Quartz - to a lucky participant! To enter, click here and tell how you intend to maintain your practice going forward.


Day Five Winner: @sara_wils




A huge thank you to our lovely OMmunity for taking part in this Meditation Challenge with us. If you've been meditating for years or are just beginning your practice, we'd love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts on this challenge in the comments below so we can make the next challenge even more beneficial and insightful! Namaste.

June 10, 2016 by Ciara McCarthy


Amber White

Amber White said:

New to meditation, I was a skeptic. I always had difficulty relaxing. Having recently started back into yoga and incorporated meditation in my life, I am calmer, grounded, and less anxious. These tools are helping me relax during a time of great stress to focus on studying for a National Board Exam around the corner


Wende said:

Meditation is going to be a wonderful gift for those new to this. Thanks for putting this out there. Connection to mind/ body is needed.


Ivelisse said:

Enlightening. It was my first mediation session and I felt a difference as soon as got up from my sitted position. Such a difference that I went on to journaling my experience. Namaste.


OkieYogi said:

I admit I squirm during meditation. Going to implement these tips though and see if I can’t enjoy my practice more. Loved the part about your intention being a focus of nourishment rather than letting go- change in perspective!

Tammy Bozzard

Tammy Bozzard said:

Looking forward to the full 30 days. Thank you.


Ruth said:


Natalie Shushack

Natalie Shushack said:

I really enjoyed this beginning as I’m new to the meditation process, I found very helpful in getting me started off right.


Liza said:

Todays intro to Meditation week left me with that the thought that in order to learn and practice my intention of letting go, releasing pain- I must nourish what is within. Building inner strength and stability is what will let me live the life I strive for.


Kate said:

My Sankalpa for beginning a meditation practice is to bring more calm and stillness into my life. With this morning’s meditation practice, I noticed the quiet and tranquility around me. I also noticed how slow and regular my breathing became which helped me to stop and slow down.

Ye Ting Tan

Ye Ting Tan said:

Thanks for sharing. After the meditation this morning, it makes me peace, colourful and blessed.


Lauren said:

Thank you for this morning. I have a really tough day yesterday and this mornings meditation really helped me to focus for the week to come. Thanks for reminding me to take the time to acknowledge my thoughts and feelings leaving the meditation state and thank myself for taking that time.

Livnam Kaur

Livnam Kaur said:

I commented, and it would be awesome if I got the mala :) Amethyst is my birthstone, so I have a natural connection to it :D The meditation was AWESOME and so easy to follow. Thank you so much!

Dolly Araquel

Dolly Araquel said:

Excited to start this!

sally miller

sally miller said:

I loved this today! Intention on what you want to devolp is so important. Thank you for this reminder :) Cant wait for tomorrow!

sally miller

sally miller said:

Breathing in my intention….
Thank you!

sally miller

sally miller said:

This is the best part of my day :)
Thank you!

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