You may have already heard about the benefits of a simple plank pose (something we do a lot of in a Vinyasa based Yoga class), but have you heard about Side plank? 

Side Plank, also known as Vasisthasana in Sanskrit, has similar characteristics as plank pose. It helps build strength in the arms and core belly muscles while toning the legs. 

Side Plank helps build strength in the wrists at the same time as it stretches the wrists out.

Repetitive practice of side plank can also assist you in improving your sense of balance, which is hugely valuable as we age. Perfect pose after a long day sitting in front of the computer. 

Now that you know why you practicing this pose will serve you, let’s go ahead and try it:

Side Plank
1. Start in Downward facing dog. Place your hands outer shoulder distance apart on our mat and be mindful to root all 4 corners of your hands firmly into the floor, even press your fingers pads firmly into the mat. This will help distribute the weight of your body evenly through out the hands. 

2. Keeping your right hands as it is, pivot on the balls of your feet, turning your heels to the right, till you’re resting on the outer edge of your feet (pinky toe side of your feet).

3. Keep rooting evenly into your hands and keep your ankles strong, lifting away from the mat (do not sickle your ankle). 

4. Lift your left arm up into the air till your left hand is over your left shoulder. 

5. You can keep your feet as they are, lined up in front of each other or you can stack your left foot on top of your right foot. Maintaining the stability in your ankle. 

6. Root down into the edges of your feet and the 4 corners of your hands to help lift your hips higher. 

7. Take 5 – 10 breathes here and then switch to the other side

Cautions: If you’re suffering from serious shoulder, elbow or wrist injuries or complications, this pose is not appropriate for you at this time. Heal up and then try this out.


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February 16, 2014 by Ashley Wray
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