Tapping in to your creative mind with yoga

Creativity and YogaYoga is my favourite muse. Whether I'm in the throes of writing poetry, singing my heart out or dancing my feet off, my yoga and meditation practice has always been a consistent well of inspiration to spark my creative play.

When our heartbeat slows down, our mind gets a moment to soften, our body falls in sync with the oceanic waves of our breath, and when we find our connection to spirit, this is where we can become the most creative. The most in touch with that pulsing passion that is our desire to make art and to share it with the world.

Whether you are a visual, literary, culinary, movement or sound based creative, the practices of yoga and meditation are at full service to open you up in any creative endeavours. 

Through these sweet practices we can connect more deeply to our feeling body and less to logical thinking which helps us to connect more deeply with the process of creativity instead of the outcome or product. 

One of the biggest reasons for creative blocks is that we simply get in our own way with radical judgements and conclusions we arrive at about ourselves and our art. By opening our bodies and reducing the fluctuations of our mind, we can take a slow step back out of our own way and can engage with our creative flow in a deeper and more curious way. 

Movement, meditation, pranayama, mantra can all have a profound effect on our dynamics as artistic beings if we set the intention for them to do so.

The next time you are on your mat or your meditation cushion, take a moment to see what pours out of you.  While your body is open, your mind still and your breath full, give yourself over to a pen on paper, a paintbrush to a canvas, hands deep into the earth and make something beautiful. 

Allow the process to sweep you off your feet, and let the product speak for itself. 

We are all creation stations.

What will you craft and share with the world today?

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Megan Marie Gates is a yoga teacher, performing artist, Reiki practitioner, and nomadic wanderer who currently calls Toronto home.

She is also a co-owner and creator of Yoga Village, a multi-dynamic creative and healing arts studio in the west end of Toronto.   

Follow Megan on Twitter @meganmgates!

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