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You and Your Mala: Monica Magnetti

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Monica Magnetti is a Life/Business Coach and Brand Expert who has been an amazing part of our Mala Collective family. Monica has a mala for almost every intention and manifestation! But how did she choose her favorite one?

How did you choose your favorite mala? 
My favorite mala was a gift, so I did not choose it. However, I am sure I would have chosen that exact one. When I wore it I felt an instant connection to it.

Were you drawn to a particular energy or gemstone? 

My mala has amethyst in it, one of my favorite gems. I associate amethyst with magic. Trusting the unknown and allowing life to flow creates a little bit of magic. My work as a Life/Business Coach and Brand Expert requires a balance of practicality, expertise, and room for flow.

Was there a new intention you were looking to incorporate into your life?

My amethyst mala beads connect me to the magic of life, which keeps me grounded and allows my life to evolve organically.

What is your favorite way to take a moment for yourself each day to find balance?

I meditate and walk my dogs every day, sometimes more than once a day. Meditating gives me clarity and walking the dogs keeps me grounded in my body. Both allow me to connect with myself and bring me extreme happiness.

How does your practice of self care support you in your business as a Life/Business Coach and Brand Expert?

I coach by example. Most entrepreneurs put themselves last and then struggle with being overwhelmed and lose focus. I suggest to all of my clients that they put themselves first so they can be effective leaders.
You cannot run a successful business and make the world a better place when you are stressed and tired. You can’t be an asset as an employee if you don’t show up at work with a clear mind. 

We matter and our happiness creates a better world. Take care of yourself first, and everything else will flow into place.

What is one piece of advice you can give us to help us bring more mindful intentions to our lives?

My motto is “Get to know yourself so that you can get what you want.” It’s important to invest time and money in ourselves and figure out our purpose in the bigger picture. Then, step out into the world with pride and honor.
Your own happiness changes the world; it’s that simple. When we are content and in tune  with ourselves, we align with the world and it becomes easier to dance with our circumstances.

Connect with your perfect mala!

Monica Magnetti is a Life/Business Coach and Brand Expert. She supports people to connect with their inner fire and express it into the world to create meaningful changes in their communities. She has designed two FREE eBooks and one MP3 download to equip you with the tools to create more success and balance in your life and business. 

Follow Monica on Twitter @MonicaMagnetti!

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