I Am Enough — the newest collection

I Am Enough.

I Am Enough.

I Am Enough.

The power behind simply repeating this phrase is limitless.

The mantras "I Am Love," "I Am Strong," and "I Am Fearless," are empowering ones that should be entering our mind and heart more regularly.

It's believed we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day, with a significant amount of them, around 70 to 80 per cent, being negative. Negative thoughts are draining.  They diminish our self worth, and weaken our overall energy.

How much brighter, powerful, happy, and fulfilled would we be if we replaced those thoughts with positive affirmations? Affirmations that uplift us and empower us.

Affirmations are positive statements that we can say to ourselves. They rewire our brain by producing positive thoughts, breaking that streak of negativity.  They strengthen us by helping us believe in our potential. They reassure us. Most importantly — they remind us that our manifestations can become a reality.

We are what we think — therefore, we should be thinking empowering thoughts. Waves of kindness, love, support, and encouragement.

The I Am Enough collection is a celebration of the affirmations to empower our lives. They are meant to fill us with confidence, love, abundance, strength, and a remind us that we are everything we need in our lives.

We hope you connect with them, and that they help lift you up on your journey.

And that you will wear the pieces as a reminder that You Are Enough.

This article was written by Mala Collective founder and journalist Ashley Wray.

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