There's something about this mala with its translucent green stones, and occasional flecks of grey and black. The light green thread. The brown rudraksha beads. The Aum Shanti symbol for peace and love.

Beyond the aesthetics, it's also the message that it carries.

The I Am Enlightened Mala features the prehnite stone, which carries an abundance of attractive qualities. Its serene vibe is believed to increase energy while providing protection. It's thought to ease feelings of anger, and alleviate fears and phobias.

It's associated with Feng Shui and de-cluttering of life.
The green stone is also said to help enhance visualization and inner knowledge, and induce deep meditation.

Peace and protection is a theme with this stone.
However, my favourite quality is this: Prehnite can help to restore your trust in the universe.  The stone is believed to help bring you into harmony with nature, and the elemental forces.


Trusting in the universe, believing that you are where you are meant to be — and simply surrendering. It's a big leap. But I believe it's an important step in seeking your own enlightenment.

The idea of enlightenment is one that can be daunting and seem unattainable.

At the heart of it, the definition of enlightenment is "to remove the dimness or blindness (usually figurative) from one's eyes or heart."


Removing the dimness or blindness — allowing ourselves to think and see clearly, and love and live without dimness or distraction.

It's a beautiful concept — one that is accessible to all of us. 

The beauty of enlightenment is that it's not an end destination. It's not an unattainable goal or a concept placed on an unreachable pedestal. 

It's a continual journey. One where we actively choose to remove the dimness from our eyes. Where we choose to trust in the universe.

Some days we'll see it and feel it more clearly than others. However, don't judge yourself for that. It's your journey. Don't compare yourself and your journey to others. It's in you.

Because you are enlightened.

April 11, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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