"What we think we become" said Buddha.

All those subtle narrations you replay in your mind, often as second nature, can take their toll if the negative thoughts outweigh the positive. 

This is why affirmations are such a powerful tool for healing and change. There is nothing more powerful than writing your own affirmations to create the life you wish to lead.

But where to start, and when to use them?

Writing an affirmation… 

Keep it short, honest, positive, and in the present tense. 

One of the first affirmations I ever wrote for my meditation practice was, ‘I release all fear and tension’. I wrote it to help me recover from experiencing panic attacks. As you can see, the affirmation is written in the present tense, is easy to remember and specific to the core of the issue I was experiencing. 

Think of one thing you would like to change or have more of in your life. Now write down ‘I am _______’, and complete the affirmation to suit your desire.

For example, your desire may be to have a healthier relationship with money. Rather than saying you want more money, you could write: ‘I am blessed to be able to easily pay my expenses and save money each month. I experience abundance.’

Try it! Look at your desire and try writing your affirmation a few different ways – you never know what will come up through this process. 

Using your affirmation 

Now you have your affirmation, you need to start using it every day so the universe knows you are serious about this change. 

Personally I use mine when practicing japa mala meditation, which is the practice of chanting mantras or affirmations softly to oneself on mala beads. Each bead is a chance to repeat and declare this affirmation and commitment to yourself, and the universe.

Meditation is also the perfect time to dedicate to your affirmations as it is a time to invite and create inner change – and with inner change comes outer change.


Krys Hansen is a yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and soon to be mama living on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Australia. Through her website Practise Wellness she has launched a Modern Yogi Movement centred around the virtues of compassion, connection with others and the healing relationship between the heart and mind. 
March 27, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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