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Many times in my life I have felt inadequate in some way. Who hasn’t, right? Unfortunately some people struggle their entire lives with finding their own value.

My feelings of inadequacy, caused me to self sabotage opportunity, and quit things to avoid disappointment. I gave up University, an Olympic swimming career, an international model career, and restarted my business more than once. 

It can be the reason we put everyone else before ourselves. We end up saying yes, when we really want to say no. It can cause silence instead of speaking up when we are upset. It can be the reason we hide behind vices, toxic relationships and crappy jobs. It can be the reason that when no one is looking we feel lost, alone, isolated, stuck, unattractive, and afraid. 

Lucky for me, five years ago, that all changed. One fleeting thought lead me on an Eat, Pray, Love journey of my own. I realized that if I did not think I was enough, I truly would create a life where I experienced not being enough. 

If you desire to feel like you are enough, you have to start by supporting yourself. 

Listen to what you say to yourself. Would you give your advice to a small child? Do you say nice things when you look in the mirror? When you try something and fail, do you give yourself credit for trying? When you have a bad day how do you cope?  

I started by forgiving myself if I made a mistake, and celebrated that I tried. I chose to love myself, even when I handled a situation poorly. When I started to shift my thoughts, I started to see my life transform. 

I looked inside myself for love, support, and acceptance. When I started to see myself as worthy, I found situations, jobs, and relationships that empowered me. 

Support is a key ingredient to shift from not feeing like you are enough, to knowing you are. 

Know that you are enough. You are a beautiful creation. The world needs your unique self and your unique gifts. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Explore new experiences. 

Embrace change. Find your strength. Have faith. Fall in love with yourself.

We want to hear from you: Start your day with three positive things you love about yourself. 
Share them with us in the comments below. Inspire yourself and others.


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Adrienne Ford is a self proclaimed hippie in heels. She is a model, speaker, blogger, nutritionist, and a lifestyle wellness coach. Learn how to live a beautiful, conscious, and fully expressed life ~ subscribe to her website: adrienneford.net!

April 01, 2014 by Ashley Wray


Renee Wilson

Renee Wilson said:

I am very glad that I read this topic. Because it is reconfirmation that"I AM ENOUGH". In the past I started saying it to myself but, because I didn’t believe it and didn’t feel it I stopped saying it. Today I know that I AM ENOUGH. I’ve learned that the mistakes that I made in the past are not who I am, they are what I did. I’ve always empowered other women and said positive things to affirm them of they’re worthiness. It came a time that I knew I deserved those same positive affirmations. So, I do celebrate the strong woman that I am becoming. And without a doubt, I know “I Am Enough”.

Nidhi Bhasin

Nidhi Bhasin said:


I came to this page after searching more about this phrase ’I am enough ’. Struggling with ADD myself and finally getting diagnosed at the age of 30, I had almost gotten used to feeling inadequate and believing that a lot of things are wrong with me. This phrase really changed all that. Today I got a tattoo of this phrase to remind me to love myself, support and believe in myself for life.


Grace said:

This article is so beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement. I literally needed it at this particular time in my life!! Learning that I AM ENOUGH. I have started to whisper this to myself or say it within myself the times when I feel most depressed or self worthlessness. I am in a relationship where I have become emotionally dependent upon my partner and their approval of me is the only thing that mattered. I now realize that I need to take a step back from this relationship and learn to love myself FIRST. And I intend to do JUST THAT because I AM ENOUGH.

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