Living on $1.75 a day — Mala Collective is Living Below the Line

At Mala Collective, we're proud to be a fair trade and sustainable company. We love to uplift and empower our family in Bali who so lovingly string, knot, and bless our beautiful malas.

In celebration of this, we're taking part in a campaign called Live Below the Line. For five days, our team will be challenged to live on $1.75 a day.

We'll be raising money for entrepreneurs in the third world. We're excited to keep the spirit of uplifting and empowering others in our hearts and thriving.

Read more about our challenge, and how you can keep us motivated, below.

The Challenge

We'll be living on $1.75 for five days to better understand challenges faced by those living in poverty.

This means we have $8.75 to buy all of our ingredients for all of our meals for five days!

Live Below the Line is a challenge that has been running since 2010 that raises money for charities working to end extreme poverty.

Why we're doing it

We're supporting Opportunity International, an organization that provides micro-financing to entrepreneurs in the third world. Considering our mala-making family is based in Bali, Indonesia, we think this is pretty cool.

The idea is that to tackle extreme poverty, we must first understand it. Live Below the Line gives participants a glimpse into the choices and challenges faced by those living in poverty.

Why $1.75? The World Bank defines the extreme poverty line as living on less than $1.25 a day. Converting this to the equivalent for Canada, and adjusting for inflation, our extreme poverty line is $1.75.

The Rules

As a team, we can pool our money together at the beginning of the challenge.

We can drink as much tap water as we want.

We can't accept food donated to us.

Yes, we're allowed to eat what's in our cupboards. But, we have to factor that price into our budget. If it's food we've grown, we have to factor in production costs, too.

No combination of our meals can exceed $1.75 a day.

Our $1.75 budget is just for food. (In the developing world, $1.75 must pay for everything from food to water. It also includes healthcare, education, and clothing.)

When it's all happening

April 28 - May 2.

Canada, the US, and the UK are running their campaigns at the same time. (Campaigns are happening at different times in New Zealand, Australia, and Colombia.)

How we're going to do it

With love, encouragement, and a pre-planned menu!

Here are some of the staples we're going to be living off of for five days:
Noodles, eggs, carrots, onions, canola oil, rice, beans, chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, bananas, pasta, oatmeal, etc.

What can you do to support us?

Making a donation, no matter how small, is so appreciated. You can donate here:

Or — if you're feeling up to it — Join our team!
Live with team Mala Collective on $1.75 a day. You can sign up here:


Be sure to follow our journey, our meals, and send us lots of love over social media.

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