Living Below The Line - A Lesson In Aparigraha

I can want. Oh yes, I can want with the best of them.Gratitude Mala Collective

New iPhone 5s? Want. 

Cute new boots for spring? Want.

A 4th yoga mat? Want. 

How can we truly feel grateful for the things we have if we are always tempted to want more? How can I express more gratitude for what I have, and for the blessings in my life?

The cycle of wanting more, and more and more can be so addictive. The rush that can be felt when purchasing something you have been wanting..

In his 8 Limbs of Yoga, Patañjali offers different ways of being and living, including aparigraha which is living without hoarding wealth, or having excessive desire for material things.

aparigraha | a-pa-ri-gra-ha | non-hoarding or non-possessiveness 

I felt instantly connected with the Live Below The Line challenge on a personal level. Not only will we be raising money for entrepreneurs in the third world, but it will be a challenge to re-evaluate my wants and needs. 

It will be a mental and physical challenge. It will challenge my daily habits such as morning trips to my coffee shop. $4.75 for a large latte? That's almost 3 days of food for those living in extreme poverty. 

During the challenge we can drink as much tap water as we want. The thing I will miss the most will be my David's Tea! As a substitution I will be drinking hot water and a squeeze of lemon.

Tell us: What do you think you would miss the most?

During the challenge I will be meditating, journaling and totally taking care of myself. I also have the support of the Mala Collective Team. 

Do you think you could live on $1.75 a day? You can join our team! 

How You Can Help

Donate and support the Mala Collective team as we challenge ourselves to Live Below The Line.

Read More about the Live Below The Line challenge here! 

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