How did you choose your mala? Were you drawn to a particular energy or gemstone?

It can be challenging to choose given that there are so many beauties! I breathed into the essence of what kind of support I need day to day to stay connected and thriving.

I honed in on grounding and balance. Then the choice was clear, Namaste mala. It looks grounded and balanced.

I love it! It's with me when I meditate, teach and at night it sleeps on my altar so when I am in the throws of city hustle I am tethered to my centre and truth.

When did you start your yoga/meditation/breathwork practice? 

I first practiced yoga as a teenager in Community College. It was a gym elective and it kept calling me back.

Soon after I moved to New York City I sought out a teacher. Back then it was challenging to find a yoga studio. I found an Indian man at a little upstairs studio with wall to wall pink carpet. Turns out that man was Dharma Mitra I had no idea he was such a well known yogi until years later; I just wanted to practice yoga.

Even at that young age I knew there was something deep opening, connecting and transforming within me through the practice.

Breathwork came later on in my mid-twenties. I met a breathwork facilitator during a 2 year Priestess Path apprenticeship. I resonated immediately. She was so embodied and vibrantly juicy. I wanted to know what she was on and where I could get some.

It was breath, pure prana.

After completing my apprenticeship I dove fully into Breathwork and conscious breathing. Breath truly is the best stuff on earth.

We come equipped with everything we need to heal and be whole. I am wildly passionate about sharing the techniques so we can all be empowered to embrace our full aliveness and live from a full yes moment to moment. Our breath is a constant as long as we are alive here on this earth and yet it feels like magic when first experiencing the power of breathwork.

Meditation in the form of sitting practice only began to unfold for me in my thirties. It's as if I needed to shed, scream, and unravel before I could sit still. A certain amount of maturity and grounded self responsibility was needed.

What are some of the benefits you have received from your practice?

The benefits from these practices are immeasurable. I come from a background of addiction and depression unable to look at myself without shame. I now live from connection, raw power and fierce love.

I feel blessed daily to have found this path and even more blessed to invite others into themselves to find their own gateways home to freedom. 

Through meditation I have experienced many different levels of consciousness and revealing but I believe that it is a combination of all the practices that creates the gateway to these experiences. All necessary in their own time.

What is your favorite breathwork exercise to help centre yourself when you need grounding?

First and foremost, come back to the breath. Remind yourself to breathe all the way from the soles of your feet.

Then soften. Soften your jaw, throat, tongue, shoulders all the way down through the body and deep into your belly.

Visualize going from dry and rigid to really wet and puddly, feeling the fluidity of the body.

Begin to lengthen the inhales and exhales. The key here is to not force deep inhales and exhales but instead open and allow, breathe to your edge but not pushing or forcing against it.

Continue to breathe, soften and feel, opening to your life force.

Implementing this type of breath whenever you remember throughout your day can begin to reset your default breathing pattern which is generally shallow, held or controlled. It's a brilliant tool when facing conflict or fear.

Pause, breathe, connect, get wet and puddly, breathe more, feel, repeat...


Serah is a Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Urban Priestess & Contagious Enthusiast dedicated to connection, integration and finding the full YES! in every moment.

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May 05, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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