How My Mala Chose Me: Adrienne Ford

I would love to tell you how I chose my mala beads — but in reality, my mala beads chose me.

To be honest, I thought perhaps mala’s were not for me. Although I find their function beneficial; over the years I never found one that I really wanted to wear. 

You could say finding my mala, was love at first sight.

That unexplainable gravitational pull. I felt nervous and excited at the thought of owning it. My eyes met my mala, and I knew we were meant to share a journey together. 

The sparkle of the Gold, Carnelian, Turquoise and Green Agate caught my eye. Both Carnelian and Turquoise are great stones for a Taurus like myself.

"The thing I have learned about beauty is that it is a feeling, not a characteristic."

When I put it on for the first time I embraced my heart centered goddess. I felt love, beauty, and devotion. 

I brought it home to announce it was the most beautiful piece of jewelry I owned. The thing I have learned about beauty is that it is a feeling, not a characteristic.

I represent my devotion without words when it is around my neck. The energy of my mala embodies creative conscious communication.

As a conscious model, beauty business blogger, nutritionist, and speaker, this mala is the forefront of my purpose, and everything I am inspired to represent.

As I wear a magnificent miracle of earth around my neck, I am reminded that I, too, am a magnificent miracle of the earth. 

If you are looking for your own mala, or just to bring a more mindful experience to your life, practice being present. 

Opportunity will come.

Just breathe.

Your breath will always bring you back to the moment. Stop denying yourself, start supporting yourself. Breathe and be present.


Adrienne Ford is a self proclaimed hippie in heels. She is a model, speaker, blogger, nutritionist, and a lifestyle wellness coach. Learn how to live a beautiful, conscious, and fully expressed life ~ subscribe to her website:!

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