How to buy mala beads for someone else


Picking mala beads for yourself can be a daunting task. But picking one out for someone else — that’s a whole new experience. There are so many malas with different intentions that is can be overwhelming. They all look and feel different. 

Where do you start? It’s actually pretty straightforward, if you follow my lead!

There are three very important factors to consider when choosing mala beads for someone else. If you find clarity on all three, then you will have an extremely giddy and excited friend on your hands. 


Mala beads help us focus on an intention, so get clear on where this person is in their life — right here and now.

What are they going through? What do they struggle with? What are their goals and dreams?

The purpose of wearing a mala is to capture this intention and hold it as a reminder. It helps the wearer to overcome a fear, reach a goal, find comfort, and offers them support in whatever journey they are on. 

Appearance & Lifestyle

Once you’re clear on an intention, it’s time to look at appearance. Some malas are created with all rudraksha seeds while some contain only gemstones. Malas may have a tassel to be worn at the front (or back), while some may have a large stone hanging at the center.

Oh, the decisions! An important factor to think about when it comes to appearance is lifestyle. Are they active? Do they play sports? Will they wear them casually, or when they go out at night? For speaking events or business? At the beach or in a yoga class? 


The last important factor to focus on is your intuition. What catches your eye as soon as you see it? Do you feel a strong and deep connection to a particular piece?

Once you have considered all three aspects, you will surely find a mala that connects, relates, and reflects what your friend is seeking — something they will definitely thank you for.


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