The Magic of Mala Beads

Mala Beads Meditation and ManifestingNo matter how old we are, many of us carry on through our lives believing in magic.

What if I told you that magic surrounds you — you just need to know how to make it appear? 

I’m talking about manifesting.

Manifestation allows you to make your dreams, goals and visions come true, right before your eyes. You can talk to a lot of experts on manifestation, and they each have a different way of doing it. That can include vision boards, dream boards, journaling, meditation, yoga and many more. I love all of these methods, but my heart relies on creating magic with my mala beads.

"Manifestation allows you to make your dreams, goals and visions come true, right before your eyes."

Manifesting with mala beads is very straightforward. Mala beads are created with a specific intention in mind. Intentions include goal setting, love, forgiveness, new beginnings, travel and more. When you purchase mala beads, the intention of the mala should be one of your primary focuses in life, and will be your key to manifestation. 

To start manifesting with your mala beads, sit in a comfortable and quiet area where you won’t be disrupted. Place your fingers around the first bead closest to the tassel, or Guru Stone (which typically dangles off the mala), and begin reciting your mantra.

A mantra is your intention put into words, and is supposed to be repeated on each bead until you reach the other side of the Guru Stone. At this point you can stop and pay respect to someone who has helped you through your journey. If you were raised in a Catholic environment, this might remind you of reciting the Hail Mary while doing the rosary. 

This repetitive action should be spoken out loud in order for the Universe to hear you, which will then allow it to begin spilling its energetic magic into your intention. Once you reach the other side of the Guru Stone or tassel, you can stop or you can go backwards saying your mantra over again until you reach the other side. 

Magic will only appear to truly exist if you’re willing to put in the effort to manifest.

Grab your favorite pair of mala beads and start right now! If you don’t own any malas yet, and you were intrigued by my words, or you felt a spark light up inside you, then it’s time to connect with your perfect mala!


Kelly Diane is the owner of, which focuses on connecting women to their souls. Kelly is a full-time lover of yoga and of anything that allows her to creatively express herself. She possesses skills that can rock your soul, ignite your spark and navigate you to success in your life and business. 

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