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You And Your Mala: Oksana S Yatsenko

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Oksana is the founder of UMA YOGA and teaches Kundalini, Vinyasa and Yin yoga in Tsawwassen, BC and beyond! She is a yoga teacher extraordinaire, and a feel good ambassador.

How did you choose your Mala Collective mala — Were you drawn to a particular energy or gemstone?

I have grown up in a household where some members of the family used to trade in the gemstone business. We knew a lot about gemstones from an early age and grew up to appreciate not just their beauty and physical value, but the sacral and energetic qualities behind them.

When I saw Mala Collective malas for the first time, I got really excited, as it is an amazing gemstone product that combines beauty and meaning at the same time.

Right now I own 3 malas from Mala Collective malas: Kaia Mala (could not resist its powerful softness), Manifest Mala (because we all need support for our intentions), and a most recent addition, I AM LOVE Mala (which is simply my favorite!)

I also have a couple custom made malas that were gifts from my family and friends from all over the world. All the malas are absolutely beautiful, it is hard to resist from getting all of them.

To me mala beads are very personal, energetic bond. I wear my malas all the time. They all have different energies and help me out day to day in different ways. Some are great to put over my clothes and let them shine as an accessory, at the same time strengthening the energy I am trying to put out into the world on that particular day. And some malas I prefer to wear close to my body, hidden under clothes, and providing me with a grounding energy.

When did you start your yoga/meditation practice? What are some of the benefits you have received from your practice?

I started early on in life, very fortunately. But it wasn’t until almost 15 years later, when I became ready to teach.

My benefits from the practice are very simple and very profound, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy relationships and happy life. I am a mom of 2 kids, and a wife and it transfers into my family also… ;)

What is your favorite thing about being a yoga teacher?

Making a difference in someone’s day, in someone’s perception of the SELF and eventually making a difference in someone’s life for the better. That’s my reward as a yoga teacher.

Do you have a favorite mantra or intention to meditate with? 

It changes as my life does. I have some grounding mantra favorites like chanting “Ram” 108 times, or a Ganesh mantra. But mantra is really any thought that you have, so just watching what we think and putting good thoughts in our head is the most effective meditation!

I will be teaching a course on the power of mantras and thoughts in the fall, stay tuned for details on my web-site:

If someone told you they were too busy to meditate, what would you say?

Mahatma Gandhi also had only 24 hours in a day — not a second more then You and I. He got stuff done AND had time to meditate, so we all should have that time somewhere in our day.

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