Do you have a cocktail line for the mala beads you’re wearing?

I received my first mala two years ago as a birthday present from my two best friends. I immediately fell in love with them. However, the next morning when I handpicked the perfect outfit to match them, I could never have predicted how many questions I would be asked. 

“Are you Buddhist?”

“Those are really pretty, what are they?”

“Why did you start wearing them, do they mean anything?”

My answers were hesitant and jumbled. I felt I had completely belittled the feelings and admiration I really had for my beads.  

“Yes, they’re seeds, and I think they can be found in Bali…”

“No, I’m not Buddhist. But I’m spiritual…”

“Thank you! They’re mala beads…”

“I don’t know — I just fell in love with them!”

Yuck. I felt like I let my beads down by the end of the day.

How do you explain mala beads — something that can be so foreign to people? How can you put into words the emotions behind something you love so that people can understand, relate and be inspired by your truth?

The answer is simple. Develop your mala bead cocktail line.

Are you ready? It’s a quick exercise to empower you to describe your mala beads in a way to inspire others.

The Magic Formula

What are mala beads? + What affect do they have on you? + What are your associated feelings?

WHAT are mala beads?

Do some research or just take time to dig deep and get to know what you love. 

For example: 

Mala beads are traditionally used in prayer and meditation. But you don’t have to use them in prayer if you don’t want to. 

These ones are handmade in Bali — and are simply a reminder to live a conscious lifestyle. 

The brown seeds are called rudraksha seeds — they grow inside of what looks like a  blueberry in South East Asia.

Gemstones are added in because they bring different healing qualities.






HOW do mala beads affect you?

This is a personal reflection. It could be anything from “Mala beads help me reach my goals” to “My mala helps me express who I am to others” 






WHAT are the feelings you have for your mala beads?

They can be numerous: Love, admiration, intention, gratitude, freedom, goals, grounding etc.






Looking back on your answers, it will help you put together a simple response when someone asks you about your beads.

These are my mala beads! They’re handmade and blessed in Bali, and are made of rudraksha seeds. They’re all created to represent a specific intention. The mala I’m wearing represents (what is It), and help me focus each day on (affect it has on you). They make me feel (what are your associated feelings)".  

Now you’re ready to put into words how you feel, and you will ignite and inspire the curious people around you. 

Kelly Diane is the owner of, which focuses on connecting women to their souls. Kelly is a full-time lover of yoga and of anything that allows her to creatively express herself. She possesses skills that can rock your soul, ignite your spark and navigate you to success in your life and business.

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