Wedding planning

When planning our wedding day, Matt and I wanted it to be something special, reflective of us, and absolutely love filled. A great set of intentions when planning such an important day.

Beyond that, we were stumped. We didn't want to create the type of energy where it became overwhelming and stressful. So keeping that balance of excitement while remaining grounded was an interesting task.

We had to trust that the right image would pop into our head.

And it did.

The decision

Last summer, we packed up and took our family across the world to Bali. It's an island that has completely changed our lives.

We wanted to celebrate our love. But also celebrate our trust in the universe.

Because we trusted that everything happens for a reason, we started Mala Collective. It all began with a chance meeting on a plane ride, and connecting over a love for mala beads.

Since that meeting over two years ago, everything has changed. And we couldn't be happier. We've quit our jobs, taken a leap of faith, and been determined to help people find their version of peace and set intentions through mala beads.

The journey

With this trust in mind, we headed to Bali.

We started the trip off by gifting everyone with a special set of mala beads that best reflected them. We wanted them to be full of love, good intentions, and grounding.

Following a 16 hour plane ride, a few days of settling in, we were ready.

The day before the wedding, we spread the love by having a day of yoga, surfing, and story telling.

So we were all feeling really relaxed.

The big day

The morning of the wedding was a torrential downpour. Apparently, it hadn't rained that hard for more than 30 years during Bali's high season. Good luck?

We went our separate ways to get ready.

I had my hair done by a beautiful woman — and she incorporated my favourite wedding mala into my hair. (The Bohemian Bride Mala)

It was so grounding to know I could have mala beads with me the whole day — especially on such a special day. I haven't gone a day in over two years without wearing beads, so this was really important to me.

This mala — and the bracelets I wore — incorporated silver, pearl, and rudraksha.

The silver is believed to increase fluent speech during conversation, and stimulate self observation.

The pearls symbolize purity, and stimulate the mind in clarity and wisdom.

While the rudraksha are known to increase clarity and general awareness, calm the central nervous system, help quiet the mind and free negative thought.

I couldn't think of a more perfect combination of intentions.

When we were ready, we made our way down to the beach. We trekked down a rough path carved into the cliff — definitely not fit for walking in a wedding dress.

We walked along Bingin Beach, to loving cheers from the surfers, sun tanners, and locals.

The ceremony

Finally we reached our spot. A little piece of heaven tucked between large rocks and the ocean.

We were all adorned in our mala beads. It was such a powerful and special sight to walk down our sand aisle to the sound of traditional Rindik music being played.

Our friend Scott helped us exchange our vows. It was beautiful.

We cried, laughed, and soon were married.

The celebration



Taking photos, laughing over dinner, sharing tales of love and trust in the universe — it couldn't have been more perfect.

We were awed by fire dancers. We had an incredible meal prepared with so much love.

It was all put together with the care and tenderness by our friends and family in Bali who string, knot, and bless the mala beads on a daily basis.

It was incredible to bring together these beautiful people and have them celebrate with us.

The intention


Reflecting on our day, I couldn't be more grateful for the amount of intention, love, and grounding that went into every aspect.

When I look back on the photos, and when I see the pieces I wore on our special day, it absolutely fills me with so much love.

I hope you find the same on your wedding day. And if you find some of that in our wedding collection of mala beads, we would be so honoured.

Much love


May 30, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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