You & Your Mala: Rockstar Yogi Alex "Woody" Woodrow

Meet Alex "Woody" Woodrow, a proud ambassador for Mala Collective. He is a traveling musician and yoga guide from New Hampshire.

Find out which mala he connected with and how he stays grounded while traveling through the US and abroad.


I received my I Am Confident bracelet and Moksha Quartz necklace before the start of my current US tour with my band Our Last Night.

Since traveling with my malas I've noticed an added ability and desire to speak my voice. I've noticed confidence in my communication and a "less-thinking-more-doing" mentally which I contribute to being more in the present.

In the past I withheld my voice – I was passive in my opinion and I let my world effect me instead of the other way around.

I felt out of balance and found temporary ways to cope but never sustain. It wasn't until my training as a yoga guide that I began finding my voice and using it.

The vibes Mala Collectve share are electric and balancing for me whether on stage, socializing or exploring my yoga practice.

My necklace also fits perfectly around my incense holder which I use every night on stage. ;) I'm thankful to be a part of the Mala Collective family.

Sending love and light!  



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