You and Your Mala: Jessica Robson

In this edition of You & Your Mala we meet up with Jess Robson who is new to the Mala Collective team! Check out how she connected to her mala and grab some insight in to her personal practice. 

Jessica Robson at Wanderlust Whistler with Mala CollectiveHow did you choose your mala? Were you drawn to a particular gemstone or was there a certain intention you were looking to bring into your life?

I'm a goal setter, a forward thinker, a sometimes-over-planner. In living into the future and having a clear vision of where I see my life going, I am often reminding myself that all is coming and that living in the moment will bring me what I am looking for. Naturally, I gravitated directly to the 'I Am Patient' mala. 

When did you start your yoga/meditation practice? What are some of the benefits you have received from your practice?

I started practising yoga in 2009 and while I started going for the physical benefits. I unexpectedly found a calmness and focus that I hadn't experienced before. As my practice has transformed over the years, I have integrated meditation into asana (the yoga poses) to get out of my head and into my heart - to deepen my connection with myself and my intuition. 

Do you have any tips for those are are just starting to use a mala in meditation?

Start simple! One of my mentors suggested the mantra 'So Hum', which, in translation means 'I am [that]', and is used to support meditation exploring the inquiry of 'Who am I?'. Say 'So' to yourself on your inhale, and 'Hum' to yourself on the exhale. Use your mala necklace to repeat 108 times, counting each breath with one bead, passing them between your fingers. Talk about getting calm and grounded!

What is your favorite way to take a moment for yourself each day?

I work from home mostly, and use moments before my lunch as an opportunity to sit and release the morning before having something to eat and transitioning into the afternoon. It's a great reset to let go of what has been that day and have a clean slate moving into what's to come.


What is your current favorite yoga pose - why?

Pigeon Pose or King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakappotonasana) - hello hips!

Do you have a favorite mantra or intention to meditate with?
'So Hum' continues to support me today. I also reflect each day on what I am looking to cultivate more of in my life and use that in my mantra. Some days it's as simple as 'Let Go' with each inhale and exhale, and others it's 'inhale patience, exhale love'. Each day is its own unique experience!

Jess is a writer living in Vancouver, BC who spends her days working to bring big ideas to life through the written word. She's got a flare for making creative hashtags, writing copy and content for game-changing small businesses and entrepreneurs and connecting and creating community both online and offline. She's all about supporting others in connecting to their own unique expression and creating a life built all around choice and love. 
Check her out at or holler at her on social media - #seeyouonline
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