Take a full breath. How does that feel?

Maybe like you just arrived from somewhere? Well, you have. You've started the process of landing back into your body to getting grounded.

Gem-Yoga BreathingI have been a practicing yogi and breathworker for over a decade and still catch myself throughout the day hovering above my body, wandering in some thought, plan or worry - totally disconnected.

When I recognize that I am there, I have a process of getting back into my body and reconnect to the moment. It only takes a second, yet it's a mindfull second that's necessary for my ability to be present.

  • I breathe. I breathe on in and welcome myself back, literally bringing my mind back into my body as if to say "Oh, hi, right, this moment - here."
  • While breathing, I soften and get in touch with my sensory experience: feel my feet on the floor, my bum in the chair, my heart beating. "There I am." Landing complete, grounded.

Now to stay grounded, that's a practice in and of itself. 

We are inundated through yoga culture via the internet and advertisements with messages to breathe: Take a deep breath. Just breathe. Inhale, exhale, repeat. The collective conscious is reflecting to us the great need to take in oxygen and get present.

Being someone who has focused so much energy on the exploration of breath I often wonder how that translates to people. Is it a quick recognition and one forced big inhale exhale, job done, moving on now.

"The depth of our breath indicates how much we are willing to feel moment to moment"

The truth is, the world we've created is moving way faster than these dense beautiful bodies we are living in like to. To ground and stay grounded we need to slow down, soften and breathe. The practice, the invitation, is to get into our bodies and inhabit them fully. Our breath in each moment is our access point to this.

The depth of our breath indicates how much we are willing to feel moment to moment; how present and connected we are. Each full breath is a choice to feel your aliveness - a "Yes!" to the moment. Most of us by default breathe just enough to survive keeping us in a mode of coping and limitation.  Bringing consciousness and fullness to our breath moves us from survival mode into a space of thriving and connection. Grounded. Connected. Open to experience life fully and create a world that reflects this.  

Breathe - Ground - Keep Breathing

Take a full breath all the way to the soles of your feet. Then soften.
Soften your jaw, throat, tongue, shoulders all the way down through the body and deep into your belly. 
Feel into your sensory experience. Feet on ground, breath moving in your lungs, heart beating, etc.
Visualize going from dry and rigid to wet and puddly, feeling the fluidity of the body.
Begin to lengthen the inhales and exhales. Slow down. The key here is to not force deep inhales and exhales but instead open and allow, breathe to your edge without pushing or forcing.
Be patient with yourself — it may take a few moments to arrive fully.
Continue to breathe, soften and feel, opening to your life force, present and grounded. 



Serah Ruth Goldberg is a Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, Urban Priestess & Contagious Enthusiast dedicated to connection, integration and finding the full YES! in every moment. For information on upcoming workshops or classes follow Serah on Facebook or Twitter

Check out video tutorials with Serah at The Seduction of Yoga

September 12, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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