Exploring the Vayus - Vyana Vayu

The energy that swirls throughout your body is called Prana. Prana is also called ‘life force energy’ in yogic and Indian Medicine traditions, among others. And, it’s this energy – this Prana – that can be intentionally moved throughout the body with our breath. The winds that move this prana so elegantly are called the Vayus.

Vayu translates directly to ‘wind’. There are five vayus – or five winds – that move Prana through our bodies. Those five vayus are Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vayana. Each has its own specific function: its own way of directing prana and its own way of regulating a bodily process or system.

The Vyana Vayu is known as the ‘outward moving’ vayu as it moves throughout the entire body with an expansive quality 

This vayu coordinates all the other vayus and the entire network of channels of energy that run throughout the body.

The Vyana Vayu is connected to all nerve, blood vessel, muscle and joint functions and manages the overall cohesiveness of the body.

It can be felt especially at the skin, as it is stimulated by sensation on the outer boundary of the subtle body, which is closest to the skin of the physical body.

It is related to the Svanistana chakra and to the water element.

To learn more about Vayana Vayu and to be taken through a guided practice to cultivate and see its benefits, watch the video below:



Tapping into your Vayus is a simple way to reclaim your energy, find your grounding and self connection.

September 26, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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