Dive In — A Look At Our Favorite Mala Beads

There's no one way or path to how you start a mindfulness or medtation practice.

Our team here at Mala Collective is a testament to that fact. From finding mindfulness through yoga to getting into a practice to elevate athletics, we've all found our way to mindfulness in our own unique (and sometimes unassuming or surprising) way.

Throughout our journeys, and as we deepened our practices in meditation, yoga and beyond, we've come to appreciate how malas can support going within ourselves.

And, while it's a never-ending practice and process in tuning in to what we need in our lives, and what kind of intentions we are looking to cultivate, here's a look at some of our current favorite malas as well as a peek in to our personal practices.


Ashley Wray - Founder + CEO

What mala are you most attracted to right now?

The Meditate Mala. It's our most simple and traditional mala — with just rudraksha and burgundy silk/cotton thread.

What does it represent to you/why do you connect with it?
I find in a time of transition, when either releasing mantras, intentions, or seasons, I like to return to a place of simplicity — to wipe the slate clean and start again. So that's where I find the connection with this mala. I truly love it and am always returning to its beauty and simplicity.

Erin Isnor - Community Manager

What mala are you most attracted to?

Picking my favorite mala is like trying to choose a favorite child. It’s no easy task! The mala that I am most connected to is actually my very first one — the Ocean Turquoise mala.

What is your current meditation practice?

Waking up and meditating while the city is still quiet is my favorite way to start my day. I love listening to guided meditations, doing 108 mantras with my mala, and chanting sanskrit (albeit not very well). After my morning meditation I like to choose a word and try to embody that throughout the day: fun, love, giving, patience, compassion or whatever comes to me during my meditation.


Doug Crowe - Fulfillment + Product Operations

What mala are you most attracted to?

Currently, my favorite mala is the Daydream Mala because of its physical beauty and its gemstone qualities. It’s the holy grail of intentions. For my own practice though, I’ve been drawn back to the Warrior Mala. I was using the I Am Patient Mala for a while but life played one of its practical jokes again and directed me back to my level one. “Sorry Doug” it said “Life’s a game of snakes and ladders.” So, I slid down the snake and am back with the Warrior Mala to help me fight what Steven Pressfield calls “resistance” in his book The War of Art.

What does your mindfulness practice look like today? 

It starts with my new morning ritual. Each morning, before I let myself eat I do about 10-15 minutes of mindful/vipassana meditation followed by one round of my warrior mala using a mantra or an affirmation – depending on what I feel like in the moment. After this, I spend between 15 minutes to an hour writing short humorous allegories. For some reason (I’d say mostly from reading Mark Twain) I’ve been really drawn to the humorous fiction approach to life’s serious problems. This practice puts me in the right mindset each morning – it reminds me of my intentions and puts me in a good mood.


Faten El-Harake - Account Management

What mala are you most attracted to right now?

I’m mostly attracted to the I Am Resilient Mala

What does it represent to you/why do you connect with it?

Resilience means to me the ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment, which is life. For the past nine months I have gone through significant changes in my life: moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, changing my professional path, and also some changes in my personal life. Through this continuous change, my “I Am Resilient” Mala helps me remember to stay resistant and persistent in moments of doubt, as well as to stay focused and trust life. I feel strong, empowered and confident in following my dreams, and have learned more and more to listen to my heart and my intuition, as they have proven to be amazing guides in the last year.

October 03, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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