You and Your Mala: Rhyanna

You and Your Mala: Rhyanna

How did you choose your mala? Were you drawn to a particular gemstone or was there a certain intention you were looking to bring into your life?

When I first saw the malas I was drawn to the turquoise stone right away. As I narrowed down my field of favorites to just a few I keep coming back to the Surf Girl Mala. I loved the big turquoise stone combined with the delicate a feminine look of the Rudrani.

As both a yogi and a teacher I feel like I am on one huge wave continually moving, changing, learning and growing. The idea of having a mala that would protect me as I swim out into the every changing 'swell of life was one I couldn't pass up.

When did you start your yoga and meditation practices? 

Yoga came into my life over 8 years ago when I practiced at a few different studios in Sydney, Australia. The meditation component of the practice really grabbed me (and stuck with me) during quiet a few years of travel. It wasn't until I found myself living in Thailand practicing yoga everyday that my body started to love it too!

After returning to Australia I knew I had no choice — this yoga thing made me feel so darn good! In these years I've developed a dedicated practice, taught thousands of classes, met hundreds of teachers, loads of amazing bodies have been seen, and I have one very full heart. Because of this practice I am standing here, comfortably in my own skin, following my heart and inviting this life in.

"The idea of having a mala that would protect me as I swim out into the every changing 'swell of life was one I couldn't pass up."

What is your current favorite yoga pose - why?

Any backbend — I love all asana that opens the heart! They leave me feeling grateful for the body that I have, the relationships that surround me, and the ability to be vulnerable and show my strength all at the same time.

I am currently working on all my scorpion variations (handstand and forearm balance) to really find the balance between my bendy spine, strong centre and courageous mind.

Do you have a favorite mantra or intention to meditate with?

My go to mantra is “so hum”. It is simple and quickly brings me into a place of focus. This mantra is not only a reflection of the sound of the breath but it also carries a contemplative meaning: “I am that” (so = “I am” and hum = “that”).

This contemplation meditation I find is an opportunity to sit, observer and get back to the moment just to 'be'. It gets me out of places of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. 


Rhyanna is an experienced yoga instructor based in Perth, Western Australia. Her passion is bringing balance, clarity, strength and joy to the day-to-day lives of everybody through the practice of yoga.

Drawing on her strong anatomical knowledge and experience of yoga philosophy, her aim is to provide a safe place for students to discover their strength and flexibility both on and off the mat. She believes in sharing yoga not only as a series of movements, but as a philosophy and a way of life.

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