A Journey Into Meditation: Two Tales
Christie Baumgartner

Q: When did you first experience meditation/mindfulness?
My first real meditation experience was during my first teacher training. And I was agro! 

Q: What impact did that first encounter have on you?
I realized how much I didn't like sitting in silence and saw that I had a lot of work to do to feel ok being alone with myself and with all my "stuff". 

Q: What shifts did you see in your life after starting this practice?
Meditation and breath work has helped me become a much less anxious person. It helps me be a lot more patient with myself and with others, and remind me of what 'surrender' means.
If I don't make time for myself to sit, I see how the old habits climb back in.

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Krys Hansen

Q: When did you first experience meditation/mindfulness?
I first tried meditation when I was a teenager and had trouble sleeping. My mother had practised yoga and meditation most of her life and suggested I try it using crystals along my chakras.
I felt such a strong energetic shift and was hooked from there.

Q: What changes/effects did you see in your life?
I found emotional and mental space with meditation. Before I started a regular practice I always felt like I was close to imploding and would often over react when things happened.
Now, I feel I can deal with anything from a calm and balanced mindset because I have invested time to create it in myself. 

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How did you start your meditation and mindfulness practice? Comment below!
October 08, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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