Let's Practice Mindfulness this Holiday Season

Let's Practice Mindfulness this Holiday Season

Being mindful is tricky, because as soon as you notice you are doing it, you are lost in thought again, and it's time to bring yourself back into the moment. That is the trick of being mindful. It's when you make yourself still enough to notice the sights, the sounds, the smell and the taste of the moment, without needing to identify, or analyze it. We are being mindful, when we are noticing and appreciating things exactly the way they are. When we are not being mindful, we start to classify, and judge our surroundings.

An example of what this looks like is, lets say, that I am going home to visit with my family and my husband's family. I might begin to anticipate all kinds of possible interactions that may be bad or good depending on my judgment of past experiences of being with family; the anticipated emotions; the excitement of seeing people I haven't seen in a while, the angst of knowing I'm going to have to answer the same question thirty times, being grilled or challenged for being or doing what I would consider to be "normal" for me. I'm already worrying, anxiously and unhappily, mentally telling people off, or defending myself, until I'm ready to yell at my husband.. Ha, ha. It is such a powerful temptation of the mind, to forecast the future in a dramatic and believable daydream that runs away with your feelings and inner voice.

By practicing mindfulness, we can short-circuit this runaway pattern. We can recognize the sweet spacious place before judgment and thought. As a spirit or soul or whatever you like to think of as your inner prana, every experience is brand new; we are given the gift of enjoying the entirety of our life with the ability to think about our thoughts.

By practicing being mindful for just a minute every day, we learn how pause, in the midst of thought, and decide if what we are thinking is truly serving us. If isn't, we can let it go. Then, we can let what is, be.


 Hello lovelies,  my name is Karissa, known on Instagram as "TheGivingMom", where I post photos of our family, yoga practice, and thoughts on meditation, mindfulness and critical thinking. I post Kundalini yoga tutorials, and have a few classes on the YouTube. Yoga and mindfulness help me center myself, enabling me to give myself the attention I need, while giving my all to my family and children.
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