Accepting Your Own Practice

The concept of acceptance is one that is known to many, but practiced by little. In a society and culture that is built upon our own insecurities, both physical and mental, it can be difficult to be able to embrace yourself entirely, with both your strengths and weaknesses all combined. 

As a person who often sets very high personal expectations, negative self-talk is not something that is alien to me. I used to beat myself up so much that I become one who is unhappy, unconfident, and often finds fault with myself, even if there is really nothing much to pick on. As I found yoga as such an indispensable part of my daily life, I began to take the active step to remove the element of negative self-talk from my own practice, and eventually in my life even off the yoga mat. 

Sometimes we find ourselves getting discouraged when we can't seem to nail that fancy-looking asana. Sometimes we look at yoga photos on social media and instead of feeling inspired, we feel inferior about our own practice. What we often forget is that yoga practice is something deeply personal. Different bodies move differently, and therefore no two yoga practices are ever the same. 

When we actively remove the negative self-talk in our own yoga mats, it is a great starting point to eventually speak more kindly to yourself even when you are off the mat. Yoga not only teaches us to be kind to ourselves and others, it also teaches us to be in the moment as well. Enjoying the present state of your practice allows you to enjoy the journey and enjoy flowing with your body. 

So the next time when you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk, stop and tell yourself: Be grateful for where you are now; because that's where you are meant to be, and that's where you will enjoy your journey. 
 Angie is a 22 year old Singaporean yogi who loves writing anything relating to yoga, fitness, and self-love. An aspiring yoga teacher, Angie found the yoga mat 2 years ago and it has been her place of strength, comfort, and solace ever since. Sassyyogi started off as a tumblr blog in April 2013, and has since grown in an amazing and loving community of almost 29,000 people and counting. 

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November 13, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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