Mantra 101 – How To Choose a Mantra

Mantra 101 – How To Choose a Mantra

Looking for more insight on how to choose a mantra that can best support you in your meditation practice and life? Look no further -  we have you covered!

Tradition and Mantra

In ancient times, mantras were handed down to the student from the teacher.

This is, in effect, a practice that is still part of a guru/teacher and student relationship.

The handing down of a mantra to a student by a teacher is a practice rooted in the teacher’s deep understanding of where the student is and what it is whey are work in in their life.

The beauty of mantra is that it being handed down is not a necessity; we have the ability and power to choose that which we wish to cultivate more of for ourselves.

It simply requires a little reflection and intention setting.

Setting Your Intention

Choosing the correct mantra for yourself requires an understanding of that which you would like to create, shift or let go of in your life.

Setting an intention for yourself will give you the roadmap for where to look for the words that will create your mantra. Perhaps you hear yourself in complaint about something in life. Let’s use, for example, being caught up in things not happening fast enough.

When you can identify where you see an opportunity to move through something, you can from there look to choose a mantra to support the shift you wish to make.

Finding The Words

With your intention in mind, you can begin to explore words that work for you.

Whether you're looking for positivity, health, happiness, self love, or if you simply want to find balance, you can land on a word, or a string of words to help manifest your intention.

Some Sample Words

To help get the wheel turning, here are some of our favorite modern day mantras:

To cultivate endurance or strength: "This too shall pass."
For love: "I am love.” 
For being present: "Be here, now."
And for empowerment: "I possess endless potential"

Traditional Samples

You can also choose to use an ancient mantra, spoken or thought in Sanskrit. Some of our favorite traditional mantra are as follows:

You can use ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ which translates to “I honor the divinity within myself” to help with self confidence.

Or to cultivate abundance into your life, try ‘Om Hreem Shreem Hara Hara Swaaha ’

There are countless other traditional mantra that range in length and depth that can support in bringing your intentions and desires to life.


We hope you learned more about mantras and perhaps found one that was fitting for you! 

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