Mantra 101 – Releasing and Letting Go Of A Mantra

Mantra 101 – Releasing and Letting Go Of A Mantra

With the new year around the corner, you may be re-evaluating what you want for yourself in the new year. You may be wanting to change up your mantra. When do you know it's it is time to release a mantra? We're going to look at how to let it go in favor of taking on a new mantra to support you in your next chapter of life.


After using a particular mantra for some time, you may begin to see some changes present themselves in your life.

Perhaps you find yourself more calm. Or maybe you have cultivated a greater sense of self, have made the shifts you have been focusing on or landed the new job, loving relationships, etc.

So if you have benefitted from a mantra nad are ready to seeing something new shift and change, how do we let go of what worked ad move onto something new?


Letting go of a mantra does not mean letting go of the changes it has created in your life. In actuality, it means the exact opposite.

Releasing a mantra is about acknowledging the path that you have been on and what it has taken to create that changes in your life that you have. Our being able to recognize our own growth and appreciate the effort that goes into work on ourselves is the key to taking our own personal upgrade.

It is in truly accepting our shifted awareness that we can then see where our next opportunity or desire for growth lies.

Getting to know ourselves from the outside in is a true gift – and one that keeps giving.


A practice that can support knowing when the time is right to release a certain mantra is through journaling.

The act of writing your reflections and looking at thoughts, patterns and where you find yourself in life is a strong way to be in acknowledgement of what shifts have taken place or are in the process of taking place.

Start each journal entry with a question. Try something you can track over time.

  • Ask: What do I need today?
  • Where am I seeing myself grow? 
  • What am I seeing differently?

Keep track of what you see and as you see old patterns fall away, you’ll know you’re prime for a new chapter, new intention and new mantra.


Our journey to grow and shift ourselves is an ongoing one. By tuning into what we know to be true and elevating our awareness of what we are looking to shift, we can access our highest self. And yes, it’s an ongoing journey, and one with many ups, downs, twists and turns.

It’s the journey that makes the process so sweet.

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