You and Your Mala: Audrey Armand

You and Your Mala: Audrey Armand

How did you choose your mala?

There was no doubt the Tranquil Amethyst mala was the one! For a reason I cannot really explain, I was always attracted to that stone. I find them so beautiful and inspiring! Purple is my favorite color and, I always found that amethysts were very calming. Being someone who is very high energy, I have this tendency to be intense in everything I do: from overtraining to taking care of others. I always have to remind myself to pause, breathe and find stillness if only for a moment.

"Wearing my mala helps me find peacefulness within myself and is a beautiful reminder to be mindful."

Do you have a favourite mantra or intention you like to use for when meditating?

Love. Because that’s what it all comes down to! I feel like all mantras and intentions are ultimately rooted in love. Another ‘mantra’ that has been great for me has been the practice of metta during meditation. It can be used for oneself, for loved ones, for ‘neutral people’ and for people that challenge you in your life.
Here’s how it goes:

May (I, he, she, us, all)
• Be free of fear and harm
• Be happy just the way I am
• Be at peace with whatever comes
• Live gently from the softness of my heart

I find metta is a great reminder about many values that I hold dear to my heart. In my experience, the practice of metta is profoundly soothing and grounding. Coming back to the basics is the key!

What is your favourite way to take some time for yourself?

Taking some time for myself is something I constantly have to remind myself to do. I try my very best to practice what I preach, so taking some time for myself is crucial. One small thing that makes such a substantial difference in my day, is taking the time to make myself a cup of tea. Boiling water, the fragrant smell of the tea leaves, the first sip, and the warmth: it’s like a warm hug that could soothe the busiest person out there! I think getting some body work done (whether it’s a Thai massage, foam rolling or myofascial release) is great to not only relax and reset the body, but also for getting in touch with yourself. I also love getting lost in a great book.

What is your favorite asana and why?

Choosing one is hard but I would have to say Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose). I used to be a dancer and when I started yoga, it was a pose that immediately made me feel at home. I love balancing since it requires as much grounding as extension. The push and pull; finding the middle ground. Dancer’s pose requires strength AND flexibility which is a beautiful challenge. I also love this pose because it is a backbending one. I try to keep my heart open and buoyant!
Moreover, it is a reminder of the things/people I am willing to backbend over for.

 Audrey is a happy panda living in Montreal, where you can find her teaching hot yoga at enso yoga in the heart of the city. Audrey believes the body is the doorway to the soul and that not only do emotions echo in the body, but the transformation of the body leads to the transformation of the mind. When not teaching, Audrey can be found silly-dancing in her living room, rock climbing, walking her dog Peter or cooking her yoga butt off for the people she loves.
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