The Giving Mom: Experiencing My Children's Gratitude
Everyday, I set aside time to allow my thoughts and feelings to flow freely upon being grateful for where I am, what I am experiencing, how it feels to be alive at this moment, to be self reflective, and to be accountable to others. As a mother, I try to teach the concept of gratitude to my children too.

Recently, I was thinking I was failing. They'd wake up in the morning, and the first thing out of their mouths would be something like, "I need to download a new game," or "let's go to Starbucks!" Completely ignoring the fact that the iPad couldn't hold another game if you wanted it to, and that though Mommy is grateful to have enough money to pay the bills, daily trips to Starbucks are not in the budget.

"They don't get it!" I thought, "Do all kids just ignore their good fortune and head straight into scarcity thinking?" It's important to me because I want my kids to be conscious and appreciative, and find meaning in their lives.

So, like meditation, I looked closer. Jude walked over and gave me a kiss. "I very love you," he said, looking into my eyes and smiling. Ok, he was obviously thankful to have me be his mom in that moment. Then I realized that both kids were demonstrating thankfulness constantly, and kinetically. Unlike my process of bringing stillness and introspection together, they were celebrating it all in motion. 

I watched Lilith flip through a series of pictures I took of her, smiling and looking over at me, grateful for the attention she was getting. Jude showed me his handstands against the refrigerator; holding onto moments of balance, as he'd kick away from the door.

They were getting it after all. And now I was getting it. Their willingness to participate, and celebrate has no limits. Sure, they'll be learning about limits as we go along, but I'll be learning too, about what my children are truly grateful for, because at least for now, they're not holding anything back.

Hello lovelies,  my name is Karissa, known on Instagram as "TheGivingMom", where I post photos of our family, yoga practice, and thoughts on meditation, mindfulness and critical thinking. I post Kundalini yoga tutorials, and have a few classes on the YouTube. Yoga and mindfulness help me center myself, enabling me to give myself the attention I need, while giving my all to my family and children.
December 13, 2014 by Ashley Wray


Heather hgallina R.

Heather hgallina R. said:

Hi Karissa,
Thank you, thank you for giving me what I needed this Sunday morning. I am a new mom, believer in good thoughts, gratitude always , power of attraction and now. Feeling like I’m missing other powerful inspiring women to feel understood, if that makes any sense. Wish we and other mom likes us could have a virtual talk session or even movement sessions. Maybe you already do, how do I join?
Thanks again for turning my morning around. Loved your morning kundalini yoga med…
Many thanks, heather

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