Mala Bead Basics: What's a Mala and How Do I Use It?

Mala Bead Basics: What's a Mala and How Do I Use It?


In this video & blog, we're going to look at how to use a mala for Japa Meditation, how to clean your mala, and what it means when your mala breaks. Plus, wondering how to choose a mala for yourself or a friend? Don't worry - we've got you covered!



A mala is a set of beads that is used traditionally in prayer or meditation by Hindus and Buddhists.

Also known as a Japa Mala, the beads are strung together to create a counting system to track a repeated mantra.

The mantra one uses and counts with their mala can be spoken out loud, muttered softly or used in silence as you pass the beads between your fingers.

This form of meditation and use of the mala is called Japa Meditation.

But, you don't have to wear a mala for prayer or mediation. You can simply wear a mala as a reminder for an intention you have set for yourself or something you are trying to manifest.    



Mala beads are believed to absorb and store energy. Which means they’ll get darker and stronger over time — which is a good thing!

Because of how easily they absorb energy, we recommend cleansing your mala from time to time to clear any negativity.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to cleanse our malas: 

— Place them in a singing bowl and ring the bowl

— Burning sage over the mala

— Placing the mala in the sunlight or moonlight


The breaking of a mala is said to symbolize a broken cycle.

The thought is that you no longer ‘need’ that mala in your life, and that it is time for a new intention, as current ones no longer serve you. We believe in sending your mala once back to Bali to be re-stung and blessed.  


In choosing a mala for yourself, we often tell people that whatever mala you are drawn to is the one that is meant for you; that it most often reflects the intentions you are seeking.

It could be the colour of the gemstone that draws you in. Perhaps it’s the shape of the guru bead that draws your attention.

The ‘what’ that creates the attraction does not have to be distinct – the draw that you feel to a certain mala is what matters.


Consider the same process as when you chose your own mala. What are they trying to manifest? What are they looking for in their life? Are they going on an adventure soon?


Your mala beads are a beautiful reminder for what you are trying to manifest, treat them with love and respect.   


To learn about the anatomy of a mala click here

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