Mala Maintenance: How to Care for Your Mala

In this video, we’ll look at cleansing your mala, how to take care of it by washing it and what it means when a mala breaks.



Mala beads are believed to absorb and store energy. Which means they’ll get darker over time — which is a good thing!

Because of how easily they absorb energy, we recommend cleansing your mala from time to time to clear any negativity.

To clean your mala, you can simply and occasionally wash it under warm water, this will remove dust.

Here are a few ways we love to cleanse our malas:

— Place them in a singing bowl and ring the bowl

— Burning sage over the mala

— Placing the mala in the sunlight or moonlight



As you wear your mala, the string may wear and break. If a mala ever breaks, it’s meant to symbolize you’ve outgrown the intention associated with that piece.

 It’s an amazing opportunity to set new intentions, and ask yourself what you want to manifest.


In taking care of your mala remember, treat your mala with love and kindness, its meant to live for eight generations and serve as a reminder for you to live your intention.







December 08, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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