Let Your Mala Choose You
In this video we are going to explore how to choose a mala for both yourself and for a friend.
When you are choosing a mala, let it be a very organic and natural process.

Whatever you are drawn to is what reflects the next intention you need in your life.

This could be the design, colour or style, whatever catches your eye in the mala. When looking for a particular intention you can look to the intention of the gemstone.

For example, Rose Quartz opens up your heart chakra and increases love and lava promotes strength and clarity. There are different intentions with all gemstone.

You can also ask yourself what am I cultivating? What am I looking to create in my life? What will help guide you?

When looking to buy for a friend you can ask the same questions. What are they looking for you? Are they going traveling or looking for love?

Overall, let it be a fun process and let your intuitions guide you! 
December 08, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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