Letting Go: Broken Malas & Releasing Intentions

Letting Go: Broken Malas & Releasing Intentions
In this video we will explore what it means when your mala beads breaks and how to set a new intention. 

When your mala breaks, it means the intention you are holding, is no longer serving you in your life.

Here are some of our favorite tips for setting a new intention:

1. Sitting in meditation and reflecting on what you are cultivating, strengths, weakness or things you are looking to create or change for yourself.
2. Creating a visual aid by journaling and putting reflections on paper.
3. Creating a vision board and putting together all the things you want to create for yourself in the future.
4. Looking at gemstones. Different gemstones have different intentions. Being drawn to a specific gemstone reflects the intentions you may need in your life.

To ease this process, we will send your broken mala back to Bali to be restrung and blessed. This repairs the karmic cycle for you so you can ease out of that intention while you are create a new one.

Setting a new intention can be scary but exciting! It means bigger, better, and greater things are coming to your future that you can really connect to. 
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