What is Mindfulness and How Do I Practice it?

In this video, we're going to talk about thoughts that arise during meditation, and the practice of acknowledging and releasing them.



We have, on average, 60 thousand thoughts a day.

We're constantly taking in the things around us, comparing, assessing, planning, remembering or thinking into the future.

So, it’s no surprise that in sitting down to ‘clear your mind’, more thoughts come up.


As you sit and deepen your breath, the mind will tend to wander.

Each time you experience yourself allowing thoughts – of any kind – creeping into your focus, simply take your focus back to your breath.

Focus on your inhale and exhale, watch your breath move through your body, or any other practice you use to maintain your focus.

The action of us bringing our minds back to our breath, our mala beads, or our mantra is actually the act of mindfulness.


While in the practice of ‘clearing your mind’, you may find that some thoughts that arise are ones that you would normally suppress.

In our daily doings and with the thousands of things that stimulate our attention every day, there’s little space for us to stop and really listen to ourselves – unless we create the space for it.

Tapping into what’s really going on for you is a powerful tool and can connect you with a deeper sense of self and understanding of who you are.

What this requires is being open and willing to hear yourself, acknowledge that part of your subconscious and release the thought pattern.


When you do notice thoughts arising or your mind wandering, don't judge.

Gently bring your attention back to your breath, your mantra, your mala beads or whatever the ‘object’ of focus is for your meditation.

In this process and practice, remember to be kind to yourself. You will often have thoughts come in during your practice.

The point is not to eliminate thoughts, but more to evolve how you deal with them – gently and without judgement.

You can reframe your thoughts and picture them like passing clouds – something floating by that doesn’t need to be held on to.


Thought patterns that hold us back in life are things like ‘I can’t’ ‘you’re not cut out for this’ ‘you’re not enough’.

You might be hearing YOUR small voice speaking to you right now – what does it say?

What those thoughts do is detach us from our highest potential and from fully expressing ourselves.

If we create the opportunity to first hear ourselves in those thoughts, acknowledge that they are just that – thoughts – and then simply choose to release them, we are opening up space in our minds for more positive thoughts, or ones that are a better expression of our highest potential – like ‘I AM enough’


Like any habit, letting go of thoughts that don't serve you is a practice.

Take it one thought at a time, be gentle with yourself, and know that you’re creating big change for yourself in making this monumental shift.




December 09, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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