Meditation for Beginners

In this video, we will highlight everything we discussed in the last meditation video, such a connecting to your breath, finding a good seat, incorporating mindfulness into your meditation and using your mala for Japa Meditation. 


Having a good seat in meditation, is all about having something to support you so you can relax your bones and hips. As well as finding a forward tilt in your pelvis to support your low back.
Any props you may need to help support this, such as using bolsters, sitting on a chair, or sitting straddle style on a bolster are encouraged.
Don't worry about what you look like!  Find what feels good for you so you are able to sit for 5, 10 or even 15 minutes. 
Connecting to your breath brings awareness to your meditation practice. You can feel your breath by placing your hands on your ribs, having your hands face up on your thighs, or alternate nostril breathing. If you get anxious, take a pause and start again.
You may notice that your paying attention to your breath, but your mind is wondering. Mindfulness is cultivating a sense of awareness and paying particular attention. The key ingredient to mindfulness is kindness without judgement. Don't worry about where your thoughts tend to go, just be kind, inhale and come back. Use your breath as reminder for what your focus is. 
You can use your mala beads for Japa Meditation. Moving each bead through you fingers and repeating a manta, circulating the mala without passing over the guru bead. Focus on not rushing this process and being patience. Come back to your inhale to guide you forward. 
December 09, 2014 by Ashley Wray

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