Take A Step Forward: Put Yourself First

Take A Step Forward: Put Yourself First

Somewhere in you, in all of us, is a dream waiting to actualize.

Can you see it? I promise, it’s there, waiting for you.

It’s a new year and, like many of us, you may be wishing – longing – to go for it. Maybe you’ve even heard yourself say, “This is the year. I can feel it.”

Whether it’s time to quit your job, launch your business, or start that thing you’ve been wanting to do for years, the only way your dream will come to light is if you make it happen.

Where do you start?

Actualizing your dreams means change. Making any change, big or small, is a big deal, and it can feel completely terrifying to take that leap. The desire for change doesn’t often come when we feel great. It comes when we feel our worst, when we’re sick and tired and fed up with feeling that way.

What have you been holding back from doing? Why are you holding back?

There are a million and one reasons keeping you from taking action on your dreams. Maybe there isn’t enough time or money, or no room in your life for more. Maybe you’re unsure of the path and are completely overwhelmed by even the thought of it.

At the root of all of these reasons is fear. Fear is the number one thing that holds us back. It tricks us into believing our dreams aren’t worth the effort, that we’re not good enough, or that our idea is nothing but a pipe dream.

Put yourself first.

You have the power to feel good everyday. Overpower your fear. Set the intention. Close your eyes and picture yourself feeling your best. Say to yourself, “I am ready to feel good.”

Your dream is not a pipe dream. It is real. Make this the year. Take the step forward.

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