Intention: A Wish Your Heart Makes

If asked to state what comes to mind when you hear the word goals, the most popular may be loss weight, less cellphone use, start going to yoga more, no more sugar or no more Netflix binges. And all of these are well and good, but they are not a wish that your heart makes; they are goals, not intentions. 


Goals are practical and measurable gains that tend to materialize in stepwise progression. At any given moment, we can pause and ask ourselves whether we are moving closer to or away from our predefined goal. In Wickipedia terms, it is “the end toward which effort is directed.”


Intentions, on the other hand, are not so clear-cut. Whereas goals can be measured on the scales of the left-brain hemisphere, intentions live in the right brain matter of creativity and emotions. Goals have end points and intentions have process. Goals demand discipline; intentions invite surrender. Goals are met with focus and determination; intentions are realized with faith.  

Many practical goals are best achieved with a steadfast plan of action. But if you dare to dream big this time around, if you aspire to live your life to the very fullest, if you’re open to reaching your greatest potential, you must tune in to the wisdom of the heart. For these gifts, set intentions.


Eryn Kirkwood is a published writer and the editor of six best-selling books on yoga (with two more on the way) as well as a yoga teacher in Ottawa, Ontario. For over a decade she has dedicated her life to the study, practice, and teaching of the science of Self-realization.

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June 30, 2015 by Ashley Wray

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