5 Ways To Bring Self Love Into Your Meditation Practice

When you do a heart opening yoga practice, what do you imagine your heart is open to? There are so many people who receive our loving energy, but it is rare to direct this loving energy inwards. It feels selfish. Indulgent, even.

Loving yourself is not only essential, it will teach you about compassion, forgiveness and commitment in ways that looking externally is not able to. Your meditation practice can help you to tap into the energy of love, potentially reducing the fear of being lonely. Who needs to feel lonely when you have such good company in the form of yourself?

Here are five incredibly simple ways to bring self love into your meditation practice:

1) When you have a thought. Hey, guess what, this happens. Even to the most seasoned meditators. Even to the most enlightened people. So when it happens to you, you can be hard on yourself. Or you can love yourself for being human.

2) When your body hurts. Rather than trying to force your body into a position for which it isn’t yet ready, be compassionate. Give it bolsters and cushions. Elevate the hips. Make it so comfy cozy that it will want to go with you on a relaxing journey.

3) Easy mantra for self love. Mantras can be wonderful tools to ignite the qualities in ourselves that we are trying to grow. Yum is a great one, meant to resonate with the heart chakra. You can say it quietly or chant it into one long syllable, focusing directly on your heart. This can help to clear away any residue from the past.

4) Physical reassurance. How great does it feel when someone puts their hands on you? You can do the same to yourself, whether you need to clear your heart or place some emphasis on a part of the body that feels constricted. Let your love for yourself flow through your hands and feel even more connected to your meditation practice.

5) Smile on the inside. We often smile on the outside, but you can also feel the essence of a smile in places other than the lips. Smile from your heart. Smile from your gut. Smile with every cell in your beautiful body.

If you feel inspired to ignite a self-love ritual, try the 30 (or 40) day meditation challenge with tuja wellness, starting February 2nd. You can sign up here and make loving yourself a daily habit. 


Courtney Sunday is a tuja writer, a yoga teacher trainer and a travel addict who found stillness after a childhood spent in constant motion. She can’t believe that there was ever a time when she didn’t know how great it felt to breathe deeply. You can find out more about her on her website: www.courtneysunday.com.

February 08, 2015 by Ashley Wray

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