Tantra - More Than Just Sex


Everything in life from making breakfast to having sex is an act of worship.

Tantra is awakening through the senses, full acceptance of our bodies minds and spirits. It is getting out of our heads and into our bodies to remember how we come alive through touch, connection and intimacy. Tantra is permission to be fully alive and to follow the path of desire to create the life of our dreams.

As a yoga teacher, author, speaker and sex coach, I have worked with thousands of people all over the world. I use many modalities, Tantra being one of them, to reconnect my students back to themselves, back to their power and back to their sexuality.

I remember the first time I travelled to the ancient Tantric temples in India and saw the erotic carvings there that elevated sexuality to a spiritual path. My skin tingled like there was a fire beneath my skin and something very deep whispered inside me that I was home. An inner fire was awakened and I wanted to taste more of my life. I began using mala beads to meditate and it is still one of my favorite ways to still my mind and center back into my heart.

Today, I received three gorgeous malas from the [Mala Collective] Tantra Collection. The black, amethyst and smokey grey stones almost pulse in my hands, these beads are made with blessed with healing qualities. I can tell these were designed and created with love and intention. 

Both the malas and the Tantric practice are for those seeking a conscious connection between mind, body and spirit.

Remembering that we are sensual and sexual beings, Mala Collective provides that tangible reminder to come back to our bodies.

Hold the beads and breath deeply. Each bead coming to life under your fingertips. I invite you to dive deeper into yourself and find stillness and desire as you wear or hold these beads. They will wake up your inner magic.

Give yourself permission to drink it in and live the life of your wildest dreams.


Psalm Isadora is an author, sex expert, yoga teacher, and coach who specializes in health and sensual discovery.

Through her passion-fueled videos, workshops and one-on-one trainings, she helps lovers amp up their mojo in the bedroom (or laundry room… or kitchen), and shows them how to build better orgasms, closer connections, and happier lives, one deep breath at a time.



February 09, 2015 by Ashley Wray

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