Back To Basics: Finding Grounded-ness In The Small Things

Spoiler alert: the thing with the basics, is that they are, well, basic.

I wish I had this secret hack I could share with you on how to be more grounded. Here’s the deal: you simply need to choose to take the time to do these things. I have read countless articles on self-care; how to find the time, what to do, but most of these suggestions sounded too simple to be efficient. ‘Lighting candles and taking a bath’ didn’t sound exotic or special enough to be valuable. With time I came to realize that self-care and grounding yourself can be equated to mindfulness:

It’s not what you do—it’s how you do it.

The main variable when it comes to this kind of practice is time; more specifically, consciously choosing to make the time. We’re not talking about hours here, only a few minutes will suffice (but if you have more time, treat yourself!).

Canadian pianist Glenn Gould once said:
“For every hour that you spend in the company of other human beings, you need X number of hours alone.Now what the X represents, I don’t really know; it might be two and seven-eighths of or seven and two-eights, but it’s a substantial ratio.”

It’s only through solitude that one can truly hear one’s own voice. What do I need? What do I love? Can you value yourself enough to honour those needs, to explore these things that you love?

Here are some (unexciting and non-exotic, yet personally tested and approved) tips on how to do just that! P.S. Remember: it’s not what you do, but how you do it.

1. Commit to spending some time alone every day. Truly alone: no phone, no Instagram, no online browsing. Try journaling, meditation, nature walks, soaking in the tub or working on the skills you rock at (drawing, singing, sewing, living room dancing).

2. Slow down. Bring mindfulness into any task you perform: feel your hands, your feet, the quality of your breath. When you catch yourself mindlessly checking your phone, chose to put it aside.

3. Commit to one daily act of self-care. I promise you that it will be radical game-changer. You may find that you have read these examples before, but here’s the thing: they do work!

Next time you feel like you need to buy a plane ticket to Bali to find peace and grounded-ness (which still sounds like a pretty amazing idea!), remember that all you need is to make time for yourself.

You deserve it. Really.


Audrey is a happy panda living in Montreal, where you can find her teaching hot yoga at enso yoga in the heart of the city. Audrey believes the body is the doorway to the soul and that not only do emotions echo in the body, but the transformation of the body leads to the transformation of the mind. When not teaching, Audrey can be found silly-dancing in her living room, rock climbing, walking her dog Peter or cooking her yoga butt off for the people she loves.

February 21, 2015 by Ashley Wray

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