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A Guided Meditation

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A Guided Meditation

You are a seeker. Brought here by chance or by purpose, on some level, you have already accepted the value of meditation. It is the threshold for the greatest mission we have: to truly get to know ourselves, and our place in the universe.

Use the following meditation as a reference to traverse your awareness through the inner realms of yourself.

As my first yoga teacher used to say: "With no expectations, no judgments, no comparisons, no competition," play with it. Create with courage and curiosity.

° ° °

Approach your breath as an observer. Watch it move in and throughout the body without having to fix or shape it in any way. Release any mental or physical holding on the exhale breaths. Remain aware of the breath's subtle changes in pacing and volume throughout the practice: it becomes the soundtrack to your meditation.

Bring your attention to your seat. Abandon any holding or resistance in the pelvis and legs, allowing the weight of your base to settle earthward. To help anchor you further, envision roots of a great tree growing out from your pelvic bones. Like ropes, these roots clutch along the ground's surface and penetrate the soil beneath you. Know that you have created an unshakable connection to the Earth. Notice the parts of your body that move simply because you are breathing and the foundation that supports this motion.

From this base, the trunk of the tree rises and widens. It reinforces the vertical climb of your spinal column towards the sky. The higher the tree grows, the greater the space it claims. Branches burst forth wherever they can, reaching towards a radiant light above you. While experiencing the support of the tree and the warmth of the light, clarify your purpose, pose a question, or make a wish. Ask for what you need, and trust that you are heard.

In front of the tree, at the center of your chest, feel or see an altar beginning to form. Bring your awareness in closer. It is at this sacred meeting place that the self connects to its divinity, to the soul. With reverence, approach the altar with an offering; a way of contributing to your intention. Call upon an attribute of service or surrender a limiting belief relevant to your cause. If you asked to find love, offer confidence in your worth. If your wish is for patience, surrender your need to constantly control. You are actively participating in an exchange of devotion and wisdom. Offer what you can and trust that your efforts are enough.

Rest in this place of comfort, supported by the tree, soaking in the light from above, in the company of your soul. Patiently ride the current of your breath, observe the sensations, images, or insights that emerge. Stay in this space as long as necessary.

To come out of meditation, softly deepen your breath. Let the first movements of the body be a meeting of your hands at the center of your chest. Bow your head towards your heart and thank yourself for this encounter.

° ° °

You will create interpretations and meaning from the visions, teachings, and sensations that arise from this meditation. The tree connects us to Prakriti, to nature and the support of the physical world. The light provides infinite illumination and clarity. The altar bridges the gap between self and source, until we are ready to accept these forces as one and the same. Finally, we become more comfortable meeting ourselves at the heart; this junction of matter and spirit.

Rochelle teaches best what she needs to learn most. She is privileged to encourage her students at YYoga to craft greater awareness of the intelligence of the body, the support of the breath, and the connection of self to spirit.

She has great appreciation for her family, belly laughs, snacking in the tub, outdoor adventures, and cheeky animals. Rochelle lives in North Vancouver with her partner Nathan, daughter Ophelia, and Transformer the cat.


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