Sign Up For Mindful March!

Sign Up For Mindful March!

We have, on average, 60 thousand thoughts a day.

In our daily doings and with the thousands of things that stimulate our attention every day, there’s little space for us to stop and really listen to ourselves – unless we create the space for it.

Being mindful is paying attention, without judgement, to thoughts and feelings that arise on a daily basis. By cultivating awareness of these positive or negative thought patterns, we are able to change the story, and let go of what is not serving us. 

Join us March 15th-21st as we support you with mindful practices and tips, mindful eating recipes, and free guided meditations.

Let's create space and become more mindful together.

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Each day we will send you an email with mindful blog posts and FREE guided meditations so you can follow along!

Plus, we will be giving away a mala each day on Instagram via our Mindful March Photo Contest. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can enter to win! 

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