Meditation: I Am Enough

Meditation: I Am Enough

On days when I need it most, dropping into a peaceful state can be almost instantaneous.

Perhaps it's because I know when I need to feel supported. I want to surrender instead of battle. I want to remember that it is ultimately my own strength and support that uplifts me. And that's how this meditation came to fruition.

Take your seat, positioning the hips above your knees so the inner thighs can settle earthward. Begin to soften, starting with the features of your face. Wipe away the tension that you hold between your eyebrows. Relax the creases of your eyelids and still the eyes in their orbit.

Disengage the muscles on top of your cheekbones and around your mouth. Draw apart your teeth to allow the bottom jaw to feel suspended. Try to release any remaining details of the defining expression you wear upon your face.

Sit up as tall as necessary to allow the breath to channel freely throughout your body. The breath does not need to be controlled. Let it fall out to its natural end. There may be a pause, maybe no pause. And when the body summons, let the breath pour into your lungs with the viscosity of warm honey.

Remain aware of your breath as you begin to lift your hands from your lap. Interlace your fingers and place your open palms across your chest; your thumbs will point up towards your collarbones. Vajrapradama is the potent mudra of unshakable confidence and it creates a strengthening field to support you. Notice how the breath originates and returns to the space of the heart. Each breath is another opportunity to detach further from the personas you construct for the world: lay down the versions of yourself that you believe you should be and fear you are not. You are not here in this moment to push away or please anyone. You are here to feel exposed to and supported by the innate connection to your self.

Keep focused on the quiet movement of your breath and any sensations, thoughts, emotions that arise. If your thoughts begin to wander, and you want to add another element to the meditation, work with one of the following affirmations:

I am enough.

I am deserving of my own love.

I am reason enough to manifest joy in my life.

I am here with purpose, on purpose.

At first, the inner speech may seem awkward or feel too contrived. Please remember, these words are yours to claim; "it is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief." See where they take you and what they reveal.

When you are ready to come out of the meditation, begin to deepen and widen the breath. Take a few moments to sense your body and the space you are in before opening your eyes. Thank your whole self for this practice.


Rochelle teaches best what she needs to learn most. She is privileged to encourage her students at YYoga to craft greater awareness of the intelligence of the body, the support of the breath, and the connection of self to spirit.

She has great appreciation for her family, belly laughs, snacking in the tub, outdoor adventures, and cheeky animals. Rochelle lives in North Vancouver with her partner Nathan, daughter Ophelia, and Transformer the cat.

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