Blossoming Momma Meditation

Blossoming Momma Meditation


Pregnancy is a truly blessed time in a woman’s life. It’s a celebration of love and human connection; a time to marvel at the wonder of new life blossoming within and to relish the promise of the new adventures awaiting when baby arrives. But it is also a time marked by adjusting to change and making important decisions. While navigating the decisions that expecting parents have to make, many find themselves bombarded with conflicting information and opinions. What to eat and not to eat, what exercises are safe or not safe, whether or not women should take it easy or simply go about life as usual while pregnant. It can be hard, particularly during a first pregnancy where a fear of doing harm to the baby is common, and a habit of listening to others, rather than that wise inner voice, can begin to prevail.

Pregnancy should be a joyful time, where a mother begins to connect with her baby and enjoys the wonder of her body creating new life. But this can get lost in all the controversy and worry. Meditation and mantra can help keep a pregnant momma calm, centered and cultivating love for her unborn child and her changing body. Taking a few minutes to connect with your inner wisdom and nourishing your connection with your body and your new baby can go a long way toward helping you get the most enjoyment out of your pregnancy.

Try to find a few moments in each day to do this short exercise, whether in the morning just after you wake-up, right before bed, while out in nature on your daily walk, or even just a few stolen moments sitting at your desk at work.

Sit in a comfortable position, resting one hand over your heart and the other on your belly. Close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Feel your breath moving into your body as your chest and belly rise with each inhalation. With each inhale, imagine a pure, white, calming light entering your body with the breath. As this light travels in, imagine it spreading throughout your body, and as it spreads feel safe, loved, protected, calm and connected. Feel how amazing and beautiful your pregnant body is. If any doubts or negative thoughts creep into your head, allow them out with each exhale, the qualities of the white light taking their place. Take a few breaths just like that, and then imagine that the white light of breath reaches deeper within you, toward the baby in your belly. The light wraps around your uterus, travels through your placenta, to your baby, and as it reaches your baby, it grows brighter, just as you glow brighter with the energy of your pregnancy. Picture the light enveloping the baby, protecting it, surrounding it with love and with calm energy. As the light reaches your baby feel the connection between you grow stronger. Breathe into this connection for a few more moments. When you are ready, let go of the white light visualization, stay focused on your breath still, but the white light is gone, while the feelings of safety, love, protection, calmness and connection remain. Stay focused on your breath for a few more moments while you soak up those feelings and then allow your hands to melt away from your body, and open your eyes.

Coraley Letcher
is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and mom who lives in the gorgeous town of Fernie BC. She contributes articles and blog posts to online and print publications on a regular basis.

Coraley can be found teaching throughout BC and Alberta and regularly posts her thoughts on the yoga life on her blog Coraley-ley, Yogini.  Keep up with Coraley on Facebook, Twitter (@CoraleyLetcher) or Instagram (@CoraleyL)

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