The Cool Aunt - An Uplifting Personal Story


Even after eight years, I’ll never forget it. The memory will stick with me forever. “It will be a miracle if you can ever conceive a baby. It’ll be an even bigger miracle if you can even carry a baby to term.” To a woman who has dreamt of being a mother almost her entire life, hearing those words from your gynecologist are nothing less than crushing.

After countless uncomfortable procedures and one surgery, I resigned myself to the fact that it just wasn’t happening in my future. Wave after wave of emotion knocked me down as I went through the stages of grief, and it seemed only to be aggravated around this time of year, Mother’s Day. Well-meaning friends reminded me that miracles happen and looked into their crystal balls and said, “Don’t worry, it’ll happen”. I just wanted to kick them in the shins! I had become bitter and angry and I neither wanted nor needed their words of comfort. What I needed was to find some inner peace and acceptance with my situation.

Finding that peace and acceptance wasn’t easy and certainly didn’t happen overnight. In addition to the strength I find to ride out these waves in my Surfer Mala, I finally found that crucial balance in my life by learning this equally crucial lesson: babies are born from the womb but maternity is born from the soul.

It’s been a beautiful and constant practice of mine to accept and, most importantly, love my role as a non-mom. Just like others in similar situations, I’ve been blessed with so many kiddos who call me aunt.

Some are related to me. Some aren’t. But regardless of the bloodline, I get to fulfill a needed role in their life, and they, in turn, fulfill a needed role in my own. They bless me with maternal opportunities that feed my soul and make an empty womb seem like less of a sadness.

Whether you are a mother, are desperately waiting to be one, or are that favorite aunt, seek out the opportunities to honor your soul and fill a maternal need. Afterall, it does take a village.

Dory Knight is a passionate blogger who encourages her readers to #ChooseHappiness through a healthy lifestyle. 

She writes about and lives a lifestyle full of clean eating, meditation, MMA, yoga, and loves being a gym rat.  She invites you on her own personal journey through fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation shared on Instagram and her blogs TheFitBeast and TheYogaBeast.

May 10, 2015 by Ashley Wray
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kate lebrun

kate lebrun said:

You are so gorgeous no what. I miss our cousin time.

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